rock-island-123406_1280Style is a fascinating subject, and many books have been written about it. “Narrow it down” to home decor and you’ve still got an enormous topic. It can be pretty overwhelming, for instance, to get into the history of furniture design in Europe and America. On a practical level, you’re interested in your home, right now, and making it a place that you find more esthetically satisfying, and right for your way of life. A very good place to start is furniture reupholstery.

What can reupholstering chairs or sofa do for your home and the way you live?

Color is probably one of the first topics to come to mind. Color has a tremendous influence on the mood of a room, the way you feel when you’re there. When you want to change the ambiance of your surroundings, color is the logical way to begin, by getting into the color possibilities (which includes the world of pattern as well as plain tones) of upholstery materials. First look at plain colors and think about whether you want a cool feeling, a warm feeling, or neutrality. That will give you a direction when you look at upholstery material.

Period style. Are you particularly attracted to a historic style, like Victorian, or 1930s Art Deco, or Danish Modern? Following and researching that preference can be very satisfying, and give you a great way to revamp your home in a way that’s really your own. Every artistic period has generated characteristic fabric designs and color ranges, and modern reupholstery fabrics are available in these great styles. Non-textile materials like leather have also gone through historic changes; when you refinish a leather couch, it’s wise to check out the colors that were used in the period you’re interested in.

Defining space. A good-sized piece like an armchair or sofa creates patterns of flow in a living space. The way it’s upholstered will, in turn, have an influence on its impact. For instance, custom made furniture created for a particular space, like a group that partitions part of a great room, or a customized sectional in front of a fireplace or home theater setup, can be done in bold accent colors/patterns that will affect positioning and color treatment for everything around it. Or the upholstery can be chosen to be a seamless part of a general quiet scheme. Bright tones will brighten a darker part of the room, while a procession of neutrals will smooth out awkward-seeming spaces.

Create emotional tone. “Feeling” has a lot to do with color and choice of materials. So a luxurious quality is associated with leathers. If you decide to fix a leather couch to strike a new, rich note, a reputable furniture repair service can advise on leather types and colors. A friendly, Bohemian atmosphere could come from organic-looking tints and patterns. Upholster a suite of dining chairs in a traditional 19th century print for a cheerful formality in a dining area.