bedroom-389254_640 While a large space is in many ways a blessing, it can also pose some design challenges as well.  A huge great room, a 100-year-old farmhouse with high ceilings, or a loft apartment that is essentially one gigantic room, all present unique problems when it comes to design. Fortunately, there are things you can do to break up a large space and create a harmonious, unified look – even if you feel a bit overwhelmed by your blessings. Consider these design hacks when decorating a large room in your home.

Custom furniture 

Mass produced furniture may be built on too small a scale for a very large space. For example,  a standard couch is designed to fit into the average living room. If your living room isn’t average, it may make more sense to go bigger with your furniture to match the scale of your space. If you’ve ever been to a castle, you no doubt have noticed that the tables and chairs tend to be much larger than normal. That’s because average-sized tables and chairs would seem far too small! Consider larger than average, custom furniture and artwork for your castle. A furniture pro can either create a new piece to your specifications, or perform an easy furniture disassembly and redesign on an existing piece.

Create ‘rooms’

If you’re struggling to fill one large, open space, such as a huge loft apartment, consider breaking the space up into smaller areas, or ‘rooms.’ You can achieve this with furniture groupings, with screens, with rows of tall, thick plants, or clearly defined seating spaces, such as a couch and chairs facing a fireplace. If you choose this method, be sure to leave several open pathways to ensure easy traffic flow between your ‘rooms.’

Use art

If you have large, blank walls, why not use them the way that museums do – to display striking, unique works of art that express your own aesthetic tastes? A painted mural, an antique quilt, a hanging mobile, a sculpture or a huge painting will give your space an unforgettable sophistication. Support your local art community and buy a unique piece from an artist you admire, rather than buying a reproduction. Bonus: your artwork decor may end up appreciating in value.

Create different walls

If you want to further the illusion of ‘rooms’ in your space, paint or decorate the walls differently in different areas. For example, paint the wall up to a certain point in the ‘living room’ area, cover the walls in wood paneling or wainscoting in the ‘library’ area, and cover the walls in an elegant wallpaper in the ‘dining’ area. You wouldn’t use the same paint for the dining room and the library with the pool tables – NYC is a great place to find unusual and varied wall treatments, so take advantage of your décor options.

A large space is essentially just a big blank canvas. With a little imagination and creativity, you can create a work of art on your ‘canvas’ and enjoy it for many years to come.