If your business is a typical one your office is the face of your business.  It’s where your clients come to meet you, close deals, ask questions, and negotiate new contracts.  It’s where your employees spend nearly half of their waking day.  It is, for many employees, a home away from home.

Office Furniture Assembly can be a Daunting Task
Office Furniture Assembly can be a Daunting Task

So it can reflect poorly upon you if your office furniture has been sloppily assembled or damaged during its assembly.  Clients are not as comfortable in an office with wobbly chairs and “trick” desks.  Such furniture makes your business seem second-rate and clients may even question whether you can deliver on your promises if you cannot even provide adequate furnishings.

Employee morale drops with poor quality furniture because employees perceive that they are not valued enough by the business to bother providing them with professional furniture befitting of their occupation.  On the other hand when employees perceive that they work in cool offices it can actually result in an increase in productivity as morale climbs.

Poorly assembled furniture can even lead to legal liability for a business.  If an employee is injured when a faulty chair collapses the employer could be at risk of a lawsuit.  If a client is injured in such an occurrence the business could face not only a lawsuit but the loss of that client’s business as well.

Sometimes a business spends significant sums on purchasing quality furniture only to skimp on the assembly of that furniture.  The result can be office furniture that looks like it was purchased at a garage sale or rescued out of the garbage bin.  The furniture may have pieces missing or scratches or dents where a careless assembler damaged it.  Or perhaps the furniture looks just fine—until you touch it and discover that a crucial nut wasn’t tightened or an important bolt was never installed and now the furniture is wobbly and unstable.

If you’re going to spend the money on office furniture you should consider hiring a professional to assemble it and ensure that it looks just as good sitting in your office as it did on the showroom floor.

Professional Assembly Results in a Professional Look

An office furniture assembly company can help you achieve the professional look that your business needs.  By obtaining professional assembly of your furniture you ensure that your furniture will look good and operate smoothly.

You have more than enough to deal with in running a business.  Your day is filled with keeping clients happy, managing employees, considering long-term strategic deals, and of course providing a professional setting where everything can take place.  By bringing in a professional to assemble your furniture rather than entrusting this task to the mail clerk you take one more item off your plate.

A trusted assembly company can not only put together your furniture in a fast and professional manner, it can also be available to answer questions you may have or give advice on office layout and how the features of a given piece of office furniture will interplay with the functionality of the office.

You run a top-rate business, and your clients and employees deserve well-built, correctly assembled furniture.  Give us a call today and see how we can help you help your clients and employees.