pensacola_florida_sky_218407The first day of summer has come and gone and you’re about to get a lot of foot traffic in your beach house. Whether you take the whole family on vacation, lend it to a friend for the weekend or just move in permanently until the seasons change again, now is the best time to do a quick décor redesign before the beach house becomes the center of attention.

When you’re redesigning a beach house, you shouldn’t pay attention to passing trends like the color of the year or a trendy pattern. Instead, focus your mind on the image of summer and design around that. Choose colors and patterns that are light, airy and fresh. Your walls shouldn’t be dark colors or bold brights. (Think sandy beige or pale blue rather than deep purple or dark grey.) The goal with creating your perfect beach house is to feel completely calm, happy and relaxed when you walk in.

When it comes to your furniture, consider both comfort and timeless style when you decorate. You’re likely to have guests in and out of the house all summer, so you need to make sure that you get your essential repairs, like the sofa bed repair, out of the way before the guests walk in the door.

If you can’t seem to find the furniture you love at the store, consider building your own beach house furniture with help from the experts. You can design your own custom furniture, from the shape to the fabric to the size of the cushions, when you work with furniture experts. That way, you can make sure your furniture fits perfectly into your vision for a summery beach house.

Whether you build a custom couch or find the perfect item in store, you need to take fabric and color into consideration before you buy. A beach house gets pretty rough treatment in the summer: sand tracking, salt water spraying, little children jumping and playing, shell collecting… the list goes on. If you want your beautiful furniture to last, you need to protect it. A white couch won’t last a whole summer without needing a fabric cleaning, and the harsh sun can fade sofa cushions in a single season. Be prepared to defend your furniture from the onslaught of summer.

Want to change your home’s style on a budget? No problem. You can make your home feel brand new by inserting few key décor pieces. An updated and stylish couch, new pillows or a new wall color will make your home brand new. It doesn’t take too much updating to redesign a home.

The most important thing to remember when redesigning a beach house is this: a beach house is a place for memory-making with family and friends. Don’t take your style so seriously that you refuse to have fun with your furniture. The experts can rescue your furniture from any unexpected damages. Love your redesign, but love the memories you make in your home more.