Sleeper Sofa or Futon: Which is Better for Your Home?
Your home may not be a hotel, but you still want to make sure your guests are comfortable!

Company is on the way, and they aren’t just staying for an afternoon visit. They plan to spend a night at least a night or two. Where will they sleep? Two popular choices to accommodate the overnight guest are a futon or a sleeper sofa. Both have their pluses and minuses, so you need to weigh each before deciding which fits your home and lifestyle the best.Let’s start with the futon. A futon is a thick, flat mattress that can be folded in half. The futon mattress is placed on a wooden or metal frame that serves as a sofa when folded, and a bed when opened flat. Many people think of the futon as a more casual and less expensive piece of furniture than a sleeper sofa. While that may have been the case in the past, there are now many styles of futons that will fit your decor. Dr. Sofa: Your go-to for expert upholstery cleaning services. Revive your furniture’s beauty with our meticulous care and professional touch.

Futon frames come in a variety of styles from plain to plush and from simple to elegant. One plus of owning a futon is the cost is typically less than a sleeper sofa, depending on the style. Modifying the appearance of your futon is also less expensive than changing the appearance of a sleeper sofa. Futon covers are a fraction of the cost of reupholstery. Having removable covers also makes for easier stain removal.In addition, futons are also easier than a sleeper sofa to move from one place to another. as they can be easily disassembled. However, the one major minus of a futon is the weight of the mattress. It is heavy, and can be cumbersome to carry.

Sleeper Sofa or Futon: Which is Right for You?

A sleeper sofa, on the other hand, is a more traditional-looking piece of furniture. This in itself is a huge plus. It is often difficult to tell a regular sofa from a sleeper sofa, so it blends in more easily with your home design plan. Also, sleeper sofas come in a larger size selection than futons. For example, a chair might open into a twin size mattress. A love seat may open to a full size mattress. A regular size sofa can open to a queen size mattress. Dr. Sofa crafts custom-made furniture tailored to your style & space. Elevate your home with our quality craftsmanship & personalized designs.

Some minuses with a sleeper sofa might be the comfort of the mattress, as the mattresses included in a sleeper sofa can be thin and uncomfortable. However, a higher-priced model will usually result in a better mattress. As mentioned before, moving a sleeper sofa isn’t an easy task. It cannot be easily disassembled, and may be very heavy. Dr. Sofa specializes in upholstery & re-upholstery, breathing new life into your furniture. Trust us to restore comfort & style to your space.

When making a decision on whether a futon or sleeper sofa is better for your home, keep all these things in mind. Is cost a factor? What about disassembly and reupholstery? Have you considered style options? There are many things to consider, but probably the most important comes down to comfort. What feels like the most comfortable option in your price range and taste? The only way to tell is to go out and try both. See which you feel is more comfortable. Having a comfortable sleeper sofa or futon that fits your style will ease your mind when those overnight house guests come knocking. Dr. Sofa: Your furniture’s best friend! Specializing in expert furniture repair to revive your beloved pieces. Trust the doctor for a cure!