www.all-free-download.comSofa disassembly is often a necessity for those moving, whether a couch, a chaise lounge, leather sofa or a sectional. These items can be difficult to fit through doorways, down hallways, or and into smaller vehicles.  This is typically one of the biggest nuisances of those moving from one home to another.

In fact, moving trouble often leads to dismantling an entire piece of furniture in order to save the most time and energy. It also makes moving safer than trying to carry large furniture in tight quarters or down steep stairways. In situations like this, it is advisable to let furniture disassembly professionals handle the task. They have successfully executed furniture disassembly in the past and know how to take up and reassemble furniture fast.

Professional Sofa Disassembly Service

Professionals can disassemble furniture in a quality, professional and onsite service. They will also provide on-site estimates and furniture delivery to help alleviate some of their client’s frustration and stress. Disassembling furniture also saves time as it allows a single person to move several things in one trip, rather than struggling to move just one piece.

A furniture professional will carefully take your furniture apart. The frame of upholstered or leather furniture is typically removed first as well as any fabric or leather covering. This helps the piece to better fit through a small space. With wood furniture, glue, screws or dowels are removed in order to carefully dismantle the piece.

After it is disassembled, it is packaged for easy assembly and transportation to your new location. A skilled expert can work on all types of furniture including armoires, entertainment centers, pool tables, recliners, sofas and wall units. They will even help you move the pieces and re-assemble your furniture in your new home.

Moving into a new apartment sometimes costs movers the price of new furniture because they feel they can’t fit their existing furniture into the new apartment or up their staircase. However, a furniture disassembly service makes a move easier & safer for those doing the heavy lifting. The cost of this service is relatively low, especially when compared to the amount of time and energy you save during a stressful experience.

If decided not to choose furniture disassembly, and have attempted to move a large piece of furniture which was damaged in the process, a touch-up repair service can help. Dents, scratches or gouges can be easily refinished or touched up on wood and synthetic surfaces. Runs, damaged padding, and torn fabric can all be stitched or reupholstered to look brand new. Mirrors can be re-plated and glass on a mirror or tabletop that is chipped, cracked or broken can be repaired too.

A professional furniture disassembly service can make a stressful move more successful. Leave the tricks of moving to the professionals!