moving-in-300x225Heading off to college can be one of the more exciting times in life, whether it’s your first year or your last. There is so much to prepare for: getting your classes in order, packing up stuff from home, saying bye to high school friends, mapping out your class schedule and picking out furniture to make your dorm room like home.

Freshmen need all kinds of furniture when they’re moving in. Most dorms will have beds and possibly desks. But often students will need to bring any additional furniture, like a small sofa or futon, a desk chair and a rug. After moving out of the dorms, many students will need to bring a bed, a couch, end tables, a coffee table, you name it!

When you’re planning for college, look into custom furniture. You can find exactly what you need and what will fit for your small space and your taste. Professional furniture companies can create anything you want: a lofted bed, futon, desk, couch or even a small table.

Buying all the furniture you need for college can get quite costly! Even if you buy pre-fab furniture or get a hand me down couch, it takes time and money to transport these items and move them in.

Since you’ve spent the time and money investing in your college dorm or apartment furniture, make sure you protect what you’ve purchased with anti-stain protection. If there’s any time in your life you’ll need furniture and fabric protection—it’s college! College can get messy. Everyone knows that college is filled with late nights studying while enjoying some not so good for you food like pizza and soda pop. People are going in and out of dorms, visiting with each other, acting goofy and frankly, probably not thinking too much about preserving the furniture.

By opting for anti-stain fabric protection, you’re saving yourself time, money and worry over ruining your new or new to you furniture pieces. There are a ton of options for furniture protection services; here are a couple useful ones for college students:

Upholstery Protection

Contact your local furniture specialists for professional sofa solutions that will protect the upholstery of your furniture, whether you have a upholstered couch or even your futon cushion. This protection will extend the life of your furniture and help to make it more resistant to spills and stains. Mom will be glad you chose this option!

Leather Protection

If you’re a lucky college student that has some leather furniture, it is imperative that you protect it. You’ll want keep your leather couch from cracking or the leather from fading from the sun. Leather is expensive and can last a long time if you take care of it!

Rug Stain Protection

Most dorms have linoleum or tile floors, so it’s important to bring a rug! Rugs will suffer the most wear and tear in your place, so this is also another important item have treated with protective solutions. Protect your rug from the beginning and hopefully it can last you your entire college career!