Dr.Sofa® can help you design the piece of furniture of your dreams. Your tastes can run from ultra-modern to traditional.

Do you own a piece of furniture and no-longer can find an additional matching piece? We will design and build it for you. All materials used are, of course, eco-friendly and only of the highest quality.

Have you just moved into a new space only to discover that now your furniture does not fit properly into its new surroundings?

  • Is your beloved sofa too long and now blocks a doorway?
  • Is the sofa too short?
  • Should your sectional now be left angled instead of right angled?
  • Is your armoire too tall?
  • Have you ever dreamed of having design furniture in your home, but it was out of your reach?


Our Redesign/Fabrication Services

The Doctor can help!

Any kind of DESIGN requires a high level of skill and professionalism. Done right, it should be a quick, painless, and simple process. If done improperly, it can easily turn into an unpleasant and aggravating experience.

Dr.Sofa® guarantees that every project will be a success by using the right materials and using only highly trained and skilled staff that will plan out every detail of the project with you which means no surprises for you.