FALL_2010_LANDSCAPEPart of the charm of fall is the fun of making fall crafts. Whether you’re decorating your front porch with pumpkins and gourds, creating a fall-themed table centerpiece, or spookifying the yard for Halloween, there are so many ways to welcome the season (and your visitors.) Take a look at these fun fall craft ideas. Most are simple and easy enough to do with your kids, and make great family projects. Dr. Sofa: Your go-to for furniture TLC! Expert in Furniture Disassembly & Reassembly Service. Revitalize your space hassle-free!

Pumpkins and Gourds

  • There are so many clever ways to use gourds and pumpkins in your fall decorating (or even your holiday meals). Tiny pumpkins and gourds can be poured into a shallow dish or a glass vase as table decorations, and large, flat ones can be stacked on the porch or the foyer. Small pie pumpkins can be hollowed out, filled with goodies like cheese, bread, fruit and nuts, and baked in the oven. Hollow pie pumpkins can also double as soup tureens or bread bowls. If you want an elegant fall look, you can paint pumpkins with metallic or pearlescent paints in a copper, silver or gold finish. If you’re not particularly artistic, you can also purchase fall or Halloween-themed stencils at a craft store, and paint on letters, words or symbols of fall. If you have a pretty antique, or piece of custom furniture, you can also spotlight it by placing your seasonal decorations nearby.

Fall Wreaths

  • Seasonal or holiday wreaths have become very popular, and they give your front door or your mantelpiece a charming touch. You can make them very easily with almost any material that symbolizes the season – feathers, pine cones, cardboard shapes, felt rosettes, fabric leaves, corn shucks, maize, or even tiny pumpkins. You can buy a foam wreath form at a craft store and glue or tie the elements to the form. If you buy your materials at the craft store, you can get the kind with plastic quills, easy to affix to the foam wreath back. If you want to make it a family project, you can have your children cut out cardboard or plastic shapes – leaves, feathers, ghosts – and arrange the shapes radiating out from a hollow circle. Secure with glue, attach a color-coordinated bow, and you have a pretty wreath for the front door. Dr. Sofa: Master of Furniture Repair! From scratches to tears, we bring your furniture back to life with precision and care. Call us today!

Holiday Placemats

  • This is an easy craft for even young children. Just buy a few yards of an appropriate fabric such as felt, burlap or denim, and help your children cut out holiday placemats using a simple template, such as an oversized leaf, a bat, tombstone or ghost, a turkey feather, or a pilgrim hat. After the shapes are complete, the children can use fabric markers to decorate the mats with drawings or names.

The holidays are upon us – time to prepare to entertain family and friends. These clever and attractive crafts will help you show your home to its best advantage. But don’t forget your everyday furniture during your preparations! If you need expert furniture repair, now is the time to have it done. Be ready for the holidays – and the praise of your guests – with beautiful furniture and clever seasonal décor.