Baby-on-swing-199x300Many mothers may experience guilt when they settle down in a rocking chair with their new baby and ignore the piles of laundry and dishes that need to be cleaned.

Rocking helps mom during labor. This is something mom should be doing before going to the hospital to induce labor faster and calm down. In addition to making labor come faster, it makes the experience less painful. DR. Sofa: Your trusted furniture disassembly and reassembly service. Stress-free solutions for your furniture needs. Relax, we’ve got you covered!

Baby’s Development

Studies suggest that rocking baby in utero promotes better development in emotion, social skills, movement, and the brain. Continued rocking throughout infancy can further encourage baby’s development.

Emotional and Social Development

When baby is touched and rocked, he feels a deep emotional connection with his mother. This sets the stage for how baby will perceive and react in all future relationships. A better bond at birth will extend to better connection for the child throughout life. This means that mom can’t feel or show discomfort when holding baby. Custom made furniture is the best option for mom’s maximum comfort. It is also important that mom refrains from getting mad when baby makes a mess on the furniture because this will just upset baby. Custom slipcovers can solve this problem so that baby can do what babies normally do, and mom can stay cool and collected.

Motor Development

When mom holds baby as she rocks, baby will become more aware of movement and motion. This will make baby more aware of his body, which will eventually translate into a greater awareness of movement. The rocking movement will help baby develop better vestibular functioning. The vestibular system is the mechanism in the inner ear that controls balance in a person. Better vestibular functioning means baby will have a better concept of space and his body and this will help the brain practice sending signals throughout that help the body balance when in motion.

Neurological Development

Rocking your baby will help regulate breathing and heart rate, so it’s easier for baby to calm down and fall asleep. This is extremely important because it allows mom to get the few hours of rest and relaxation that she needs. It’s also important because baby’s brain grows and develops during sleep. The better baby’s sleep schedule, the better neurological growth baby can undergo. DR. Sofa: Elevating comfort with our expert upholstery cleaning services. Renew your furniture’s beauty with our thorough care. Book now!


Rocking baby helps mom burn extra calories without too much effort on her part. This is really helpful especially after birth. When mom rocks her baby for an hour, she burns approximately 150 calories! Make sure the rocking chair is in tip-top shape—creaking legs or splintering sides can affect the movement of the chair. Hire a couch repair serviceto make sure all furniture is functioning at its peak. The last thing one would want is to get hurt while putting baby to sleep. Furniture reupholstery is also important. Now that mom has a new baby, she wouldn’t want any new blankets or socks getting snagged on fraying fabric, or fall into a growing hole in the couch cushions.

Mother-Baby Bonding

An interesting fact about rocking is that mothers unconsciously rock their babies at the speed that they walk. This means when mom rocks baby, it is a motion that baby is already familiar and comfortable with because he felt this all throughout in utero development. This familiar motion helps baby calm down faster. It also means that mom is the best person to rock baby, because only she can know the speed that baby will be most comfortable. DR. Sofa: Your go-to for furniture repair solutions. From minor fixes to major renovations, trust us to restore your furniture’s charm seamlessly.