Redefine Your Home with Furniture Restoration!

So, you’ve just acquired an old furniture in NYC and now you need to find a furniture restoration shop. Perhaps you have a nice piece that you do not want to throw away for sentimental or environmental reasons. Maybe you are looking at some family heirloom pieces you could not part with. It’s okay! There are people like you who also own furniture needing restoration. Here are some tips to finding the best furniture restoration shops in NYC.

Search the Internet

The easiest way to find what you are looking for is to search the web for furniture restoration services in NYC. You will see the top ones who readily have websites and care to maintain a good online reputation. From there you can easily see what services and products they offer. You should be able to contact the shop through the website or through their published contact numbers.

Check for Customer Testimonials

A great service will always resonate with equally great feedback. The customers will openly declare how a furniture shop helped them restore a well-loved piece. They will remember who responded to them in their times of need.

Has the shop been featured in major publications?

Media publications are always eager to promote a good story. When a shop in a locality performs well, media outlets are proud to feature the best of the best. Stories of excellent services go a long way. From a third-party publisher’s perspective, you can read about a shop worth mentioning.

Check for quality of workmanship

Do they have a workshop? How about at gallery of works? While it is not always possible to do ocular inspection, especially in times of immediate need, there should be a photo gallery where you can check out their finished products and designs. When you are dealing with delicate or precious upholstery, you would not want just any shop around the corner to handle the restoration. You will want to only rely on the best.

Years in the Industry

Experience in the furniture industry matters a lot when finding a shop to restore your furniture. There are plenty of companies available that have been servicing clients for almost 2 decades, and they are still going strong. Clearly, when customers are satisfied, the ripple effect will happen. They come back to avail more services or they recommend the company for its top-notch output.

Are the Technicians Certified?

A company who invests in the training and certification of their staff cares not only for their business but the long-term satisfaction of their clients. Some may think that anyone who loves being a handyman can repair or restore a furniture piece. A shop who certifies its technicians maintain a high standard of workmanship and customer service. That in itself makes a lot of difference.

Does it Have a Wide Range of Services?

You may have someone to restore your antique upholstery, but can they also take care of pickup and delivery? What if your furniture is oversized and wouldn’t fit the hallway or elevator? Can they disassemble and assemble a piece without showing a trace of furniture surgery? Furniture restoration and auxiliary service are a specialty. Whatever furniture fix you need, there should be a service to accommodate you.

Now that you have the criteria for finding a furniture restoration shop, it won’t be as difficult to make a call. Many times, people shy away from contacting because they are unsure of what to ask. The tips above are a thorough assessment and resource to find the right for you!