Dr Sofa’s Furniture Care Tips

Proper care of your fine furniture will give you years of enjoyment.

Care of your leather furniture

  • Dust weekly with a clean, soft cloth.
  • Never clean your furniture using detergents, solvent, varnishes, white spirit or stain removers as they can seriously damage the leather beyond repair.
  • Your upholstery should not be exposed for long periods of time to direct sunlight as this may result in the color fading, protect it by drawing your blinds.

The best way to maintain the looks of your microfiber furniture is to vacuum regularly. You should vacuum your furniture every week to keep the surface free from lint.

Antique Furniture Care

  • Every couple of months, wax with a good quality paste wax that can be found in any hardware store.
  • Avoid aerosol spray polishes because they can contain silicone oil and other agents that can be harmful to your furniture.
  • Spilled water should be thoroughly wiped up immediately. Alcohol and solvents (nail polish, nail polish remover, perfumes) should be dabbed, not wiped because they can act like a furniture stripper and damage the finish.
  • Just as sun damage to the skin is cumulative and permanent, its effects on wood are just as destructive.
  • Think twice before putting a good piece of furniture in a basement, attic, near heating vents or near fireplaces.


How to Keep your furniture looking great

  • Use coasters to prevent spills, stains and damage from hot dishes.
  • Blot all spills immediately.
  • Keep solvents, alcohol, nail polish and polish removers away from your furniture surfaces.
  • Always lift lamps and other objects – don’t slide them across the furniture’s surface.
  • Avoid placing hardwood furniture directly in front of radiators, heat runs or fireplaces.
  • Don’t expose hardwood furniture to continuous direct sunlight.



We hope that you will find the above information helpful. For more free Tips call Dr Sofa Expertise at 1-888-8-DRSOFA.