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Dr. Sofa ® comes from three generations of furniture specialists. Even at a young age, he was drawing sketches and carrying out small repairs for the family’s furniture business, pretty soon it became apparent that the Doctor was meant to work with furniture.

As he grew older, he apprenticed in the business beginning with basic carpentry, and quickly expanding into upholstery, refinishing, design and antique furniture repair.

Quickly Expanded

Arriving in New York a few years ago, Dr. Sofa ® quickly discovered that on many occasions, the furniture we buy and space in which we reside are simply not. Dr. Sofa ® discovered that the majority of problems occuring during a move are related to the size and fit of both the furniture and the apartment.

It may sound obvious, but the fact is that many American furniture designers and manufacturers produce furniture for use in private homes, and not for the narrow nooks and tight corners of Manhattan apartments.

Stuck in Elevators

Accredited and nicknamed the “Furniture Surgeon” by his first customers, Dr. Sofa ® offers quick and convenient solutions to the space limitations of New York apartments, by taking apart furniture and ensuring it fits smoothly into the apartment.

Indeed, in the last year alone, Dr. Sofa ® has disassembled over 1000 sofas stuck in elevators, hallways, stairwells, doorways, streets, and living rooms across New York City and the Tri-State area. Dr. Sofa ® offers you his services almost every day of the year, a 24-hour message center, no surprise pricing, comprehensive insurance, well-trained staff and a quality guarantee. Dr. Sofa ® also offers “disassembly and reassembly” service for wall units, armoires, beds, Murphy beds, etc.

As part of our expansion program, Dr. Sofa® is now offering the following services:

  • Elite upholstery services
  • Meticulous restorations
  • Custom-crafted sofas

Call Dr. Sofa® today to see what he can do for you!