“Good Furniture Lives Forever”, Dr Sofa® 2011

The environment has become an important topic to many people during the last few years, and it is no exception for us here at Dr. Sofa. We are proud to say that we try to maintain the most eco-friendly business possible, through both our policies and the materials we use. Repairing broken furniture is a much better option for the environment than throwing it away and purchasing new pieces. Dr. Sofa and our team of Furniture Surgeons can make the old, broken pieces practically as good as new. If you are moving to a smaller home and are planning to get rid of your furniture because it many not fit through small doorways and the like, please contact us. We are known for our outstanding ability to disassemble furniture so it will fit through tight spaces. Do not let our environment suffer—call us for your green home makeover today.

Soy Based Foam For Your Furniture

Soy based foam is comprised of sustainable raw materials melded with small amounts of traditional petrochemicals. There’s now a clear advantage to using “greener” products and Novus is the type of product that fits today’s mindset. Based on their own ethical agenda, consumers are increasingly changing the way they view the future and the companies they deal with. Novus Foam begins to address these concerns by helping consumers attain their current environmental needs without compromising the ability of future generations to attain theirs.

The features you want

    • Novus uses less energy to manufacture than traditional foam thereby helping to cut the carbon cycle
    • There is a noticeable reduction of 23% in total energy used
    • There is a major reduction (61%) in non-renewable energy use
    • Once harvested, plants like soy grow back quickly, consuming carbon dioxide, -one of the key greenhouse gases. Natural seeds oils are abundant, renewable resources
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Meets CAL B117 fire retardant standards