Sit Back and Relax for a Lifetime with Recliner Repair!

Generally, recliners are durable; however, it is inevitable that recliner repair will be needed. This massive furniture is often a favorite in a living room or an entertainment center. It is designed for comfort, luxury, bumming around, and entertainment in homes or businesses. With all its moving parts, the dreaded time of break down can happen anytime especially if the chair has been in use for several years. You may be wondering about the possible issues you may encounter with the recliner. In case this happens, do not worry, you are not alone. Here are the most common recliner repair cases you can possibly expect to happen to your favorite chair.

Squeaky Recliner

If we are to find the simplest issue in recliner chairs, it is the issue of squeaking sounds. Almost anyone can fix this even without technical training. You will only need a few drops of lubricating solution such as WD-40 or something similar. Apply the solution to the reclining mechanisms of the chair, particularly the moving parts responsible for the reclining action. This generally fixes the squeaking sound of most chairs of this type.

If lubrication does not fix this issue, then you may need to replace a part. Here is where it gets tricky. A recliner is far from lightweight. It would be best to call a furniture technician who is an expert in repairing recliners to provide this service for you.

Scratched, Ripped, or Torn Leather

As with all types of upholstery, recliners are also susceptible to rips and scratches. If you are experienced, you may repair the scratch by yourself. But this type of repair, especially involving an expensive upholstery material, you would rather leave it to the professionals to avoid damaging the chair further.

Broken Frame

Nothing spoils relaxation more than expecting rest on a cozy recliner after a long day at work and then you suddenly hear the sound of a breaking frame. If you love doing DIY and have some background in carpentry work, you can try repairing a wooden frame. Use the right tools and the right glue or adhesive material to fix the frame of reclining mechanism. If it is made of metal, you will need expert hands to do the repair work for you. This repair case may also need several able-bodied individuals who can move your chair or turn it upside down if needed. Badly repaired frames will cause accidents. You would better entrust this task to professionals.

Mechanism Malfunction

This repair issue can happen to any recliner. It is by far the most challenging problem you may encounter with a recliner. If the chair locks itself in place and it won’t budge, the mechanism may be broken. These types of furniture vary in terms of features. One thing is certain, whether it is a mechanical or an electrical chair, it is designed to recline. If this stopped working, you better start calling the repair technicians who specialize in fixing recliners. It is very difficult to DIY this task. Have this fixed by someone knowledgeable.

Why Repair?

A recliner is not a cheap piece of furniture. You invested on comfort, and you need to at least get your return of investment in the form of a satisfying seat. At the first sign of damage, you will need to asses if you can handle the repair. If still under warranty, you are lucky. If not, then find someone who can assess and give you a job cost on repairs. A chair that is no longer comfortable can still get a new lease in life. A fully functional and fully repaired reclining chair will extend its use for more years to come.