Making your vision a reality, one amazing sofa at a time.

We intertwine your desire to promote the corporate identity with our focus on providing the most tasteful choice of custom designs that will add to the uniqueness of your business space. Our extensive portfolio of successfully managed projects for our satisfied clients serves as proof that we can resolve the demands of a growing business. And that’s a short story of how we got our brand name. Amazing, right?

For your office

Amazing designs in a unique way.

When furnishing the office space, think about the impression you want to leave on your clients and employees. The appearance of the area in which people spend a great deal of time affects their productivity and attitude. Apart from being space-saving, custom made chairs, standing desks and sofas for your office, we can help you create a well-organized work environment with aesthetically pleasing and functional furniture. A different and enjoyable office interior, not only increases your chances of leaving a lasting mark on those who enter, but also improves the well-being of your employees. Our knowledgeable and experienced designers will develop the office concepts that match all your requirements and company image.

The busy hands of our Surgeons who go above and beyond to make our clients’ workspace stand out, worked closely with WeWork’s designers and architects and brought the client’s vision to life. From the custom-fitted sitting in the reception lobby to the tucked-in and home-like arrangements in the offices and co-working spaces, the project was completed with the highest level of excellence.

For your hotel

The first impression matters. Amaze your guests with our amazing designs.

If you found yourself working in a highly competitive industry such as the hospitality industry, you are probably familiar with the growing trend of impressing the guests with a distinct interior design. Welcome them after a tiring trip with a unique visual experience starting from the lobby all the way to the guest rooms. A customized sofa in your hotel’s lobby or room is far more visually effective than the ready-made pieces. We can help you breathe life into your hotel’s unique theme, just like we did with the Hotel Plaza’s elegant and custom-made bed and sofa designs.

We pride ourselves in making the signature design furniture a selling point for the hotels and building developers among our clientele. Aim for the unique, durable and budget-friendly custom furniture solutions that will perfectly fit every inch of your space. That’s exactly why The Rennie entrusted us with equipping their lobby with custom made lockers, cozy sofas and chairs.

For your restaurant

We don’t settle for less than amazing.

There’s no place like home – a simple, yet powerful statement everyone of us can agree with. Home embodies simplicity, coziness, warmth and comfort. Why not create this experience in your workspace? Amazing design by Dr.Sofa ensures that your unique vision of business space comes to life!

Updating your restaurant? Elevate the dining experience by creating an ambiance that is as important as the menu itself. Spacious dining tables and cozy corner sofas put together in a perfect, living-room warmth-simulating mixture will invite your guest to linger in a comfortable and familiar setting. The famous Innside Hotel in NY is just one of the many establishments that have used Amazing design by Dr.Sofa to update their look.

This is an era of constantly emerging ‘’instagrammable’’ dining places, appealing to the people seeking new experiences and places to be seen. Re-inventing the dining experience in terms of adjusting the interiors to the changing times has become a must. Spruce up your restaurant’s space with a plush corner sofas and amazing custom-made designs, made to perfectly match with the unique theme of your restaurant.

Amazing design by Dr. Sofa offers peace of mind, delivering the highest level of professionalism and quality with a personal touch. Put our experienced staff, and their wide range of knowledge in custom design, engineering and style perform on your next project. Let us focus on your space, so you can focus on your business.