What Our Customers Think

I found sals phone number online @www.nycouchdr.com. I called him he sounded very nice he told us it was going to cost between $200 and $450. he said it could be done 100%. i told him that we could not return the couch after this and he saw the picture of it online. when he got to my apartment he totally changed his mind about the whole thing he said he didn’t want to do it. He’ll only do it for $800. he was very nasty he gave me your phone number and he walked out. i called you guys and i spoke to kathy she was very nice. she said you can do it and it was only going to cost $300 and that someone was going to come that day. Ttwo men came a few hours later they got my couch into my apartment and I was very happy with the way it came out…

thank you so much!!!

sorry i took me so long to write it. please dont use my name on anything. sal told my husband not to try to do anything because he knows where we live.

thanks again!!!

Naomi Simhon