What Our Customers Think

Dear Max,

You can’t imagine the anxiety I went through in the past four days since I first saw the velvet chairs at your place; the fabric color was totally different from what I had bought, I hadn’t mentioned anything about this to Kennethy,but as of yesterday had already planned to go to the showroom,order and pay for new fabric and pay you again to redo the chairs.So it was with great relief yesterday when I saw the chairs and they were as they should hav been! And when Kenneth came back from two days of meetings in Phila.he was so pleased and commented on the high quality of the work.Please thank whomever in the workroom is responsible.And Kenneth was wonderfully surprised that you were able to get the two Ikat chairs done in time for his party..I hadn’t said anything. Lia,a designer at his company will be at his place tonight(no one has seen the apt.even when it was empty..)and just based on Kenneth’s raves about you will be calling you next week to have work done for her new house in Weehauken. Thank you again for everything and have a wonderful New Year.


Robert Riggs