Office Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly – Commercial Moving Solutions


Moving is a huge ordeal for anyone, but when a business or office is relocating it becomes an even bigger one. In most cases, moving office furniture can become difficult, laborious, and time consuming. The sheer size and volume of items involved in a move means that in most cases,disassembly and reassembly is the only real option. This is obvious in the case of things like cubicles, which would be practically impossible to move while still assembled. And while it may not seem difficult to take apart cubicles on your own, the truth is that during a big move you’ll have plenty of other issues to deal with. Letting professionals handle the basics of your move is a much better option and one that will let you focus your attention on more important things. Plus, they’ll likely be faster and more efficient at the task than you could ever hope to be.

Conference Tables

Conference tables are among the largest items in an office, and are certainly one of the heaviest pieces of office furniture you’ll have to move. These massive things are nearly impossible to manage unless you utilize a disassembly and reassembly service. The process utilized when you take apart a conference table will vary greatly from table to table, which means that you’ll end up needed a skilled hand to take the time to do so. Trusting those without experience will likely lead to disaster. It could take hours just to get the table disassembled, for starters, and the move may end up actually damaging the table. Plus, when you finally start reassembling the table there’s a chance it just won’t go back together properly. Professionals will make short work of it and leave you with a table that looks just like it did before your move, and they’ll do so quickly.

Work Station

While tables and cubicles are fairly straightforward, moving office furniture like a work station will usually be a bit more complex. That’s because there are many different components a workstation may involve. There could be shelves, power supplies, drawers, doors, and much more. It’s easy to lose track of the different parts and to cause damages that render the work station useless, which is why most businesses trust a professional to take apart, manage, move, and reassemble their workstations. It’s hard enough to manage a move and all that goes with it, and having to worry that the various components being moved aren’t in good hands can add a layer of stress and worry on your shoulders that you simply don’t need. Letting experienced professionals do what they do best can keep your mind at ease and get the job done quickly and effectively. It’s the best option available to you.

Shelving System

Like work stations, a shelving system is another of those pieces of office furniture that can be tricky to manage. They’re usually too large to move unless you take apart the unit, but the numerous shelves, pins, and other items need to be carefully managed or else it can be difficult to put them back together. If you have a shelving system that needs disassembly and reassembly services you’ll want to take the time to ensure that it’s done right. That’s means trusting someone with experience to do the job for you instead of letting some of your office workers try their hand at it to save money. They may be great at running numbers, but unless they’ve got plenty of experience in disassembly and reassembly of furniture you may end up regretting your decision immensely, especially when you’re left with a shelving system that won’t go back together no matter what you do.


Desks are probably the most common type of office furniture, and no matter what type they are they can be a pain to move. Even lightweight ones are still often too large to round hallway corners and too bulky to be carried down stairs safely. As a result, disassembly and reassembly is once again a better choice and one that you should take advantage of. To take apart a desk, move it, and then reassemble it won’t take long for a seasoned pro, and they can ensure that your move goes quickly. Simply put, a move will carry with it a huge amount of stress, effort, and work. But by trusting professionals to help you manage your larger items you can eliminate most of that stress entirely and focus on managing the move instead of struggling with large items that may not be moveable in traditional manners.