Sectional Sofa

A sofa and couch will likely be the centerpiece of your sitting room.

They’re large enough for the family, comfortable enough to nap on, and can make a stylish statement about your taste and personality. But like anything, age can take its toll on your couch.

Whether it’s a sectional sofa or a love seat, there’s only so much that cleaning can do. After a while, you may end up having to take more drastic measures. If your sofa’s upholstery has seen better days, then replacing it could be the best option available to you.

That’s because unlike a steam cleaning, reupholstering the sofa actually replaces the fabric or leather with brand new material, giving your sofa a new identity that will make it seem like it’s brand new.

Cuts, scratches, stains, discolorations, and other issues aren’t a problem with reupholstery since the old fabric will be a thing of the past.

Chesterfield Sofa

A Chesterfield sofa is one of the most stylish, elegant, and sophisticated couches on the planet. If you own one, there’s a good chance that it cost you a good bit and that you’re absolutely in love with it.

That’s why it can be so hard to throw away a Chesterfield. But whether it’s from pets, from kids, from accidents, or from simple ageing, there may come a point when regular cleaning just won’t cut it anymore.

It takes skill to make a Chesterfield sofa look as good as new, but a professional who is skilled can upholster these sofas and restore them to their former glory.

You can even opt to change colors or materials, a perfect solution for those who are relocating and suddenly find that their sofa doesn’t match their new home in the least. Whether you want to change the look or have to because of damage, it’s the perfect solution.

Chaise Lounge

A chaise lounge is one of the most comfortable seats in any home, and it’s likely that yours sees more use than any of your other chairs or sofas. As a result, it probably ends up seeing at least a small share of abuse – intentional or not.

A quality chaise lounge will cost a good bit, and reupholstering will almost always be cheaper.

As a result you’ll find that reupholstering is the better option in most cases.

Not only will you get a sofa that looks as good as new, but you’ll also be able to settle into one that you’re already familiar with. Only the look will change, which means it will still be the same worn in, perfect seat that you’ve grown so attached to.

And the reupholstering of a sofa and couch can be completely much quicker than you think. It’s usually easier than having to tote the sofa out of the house and then move in a new one.


While most people end up deciding to reupholster their couch and sofa due to wear and tear, stains, and similar issues, many more simply choose to do so because they want to change the look or feel of the couch.

Going from leather to cloth, suede to leather, or any other change is much easier and cheaper to do when you utilize a professional who specializes in handling a reupholster and upholster job. While it’s not the first thing that people think of when they’re ready to make a big change, it certainly should be one of the considerations that they make due to its simplicity, the ability to save you money, and the huge range of options available.

From repairs to total replacements, a professional can make a huge difference in your couch or sofa.

Sleeper Sofa

One of the heaviest but most convenient forms of a sofa and couch is the sleeper sofa.

The ability to transform a couch into a bed is a great one to have, especially if you regularly have guests dropping in for a night or two. But that sleeper sofa can get damaged quickly, and knowing how to fix it is important. Instead of trying to buy a new expensive sofa and wrestle the heavy behemoths in and out of your home, letting a professional at upholstering take care of it for you could save you money, time, and energy.

It’s a great option and one that you shouldn’t ignore.

Simply put, taking the time to find out more about reupholstery and upholstery may make a huge difference in your expenses and make it much easier to breathe new life into an old sofa that you thought would never be what it once was.