Window Upholstery Has Value

In a truly beautiful home, every element of the interior design works to project the desired look. If one of these elements is neglected or poorly executed, the overall result is discord — an incomplete or conflicting expression of the overall vision.

Don’t let this happen in your home! While you may have the perfect wall color and beautiful furniture, if your house lacks the right window upholstery, your interior design is incomplete. Bare windows, windows with department store mini-blinds, or windows with the wrong kind of drapes detract from an otherwise well-executed design.

No Need For High-Priced Drapery – Customize Your Upholstery Instead

You could spend a small fortune on a high-priced drapery designer, but why do that when you can create your own custom window treatments with the help of Dr. Sofa?

Dr. Sofa offers a wide selection of high-quality window pane upholstery fabrics, many of which are not available to the general public. You can create a one-of-a-kind window treatment from hundreds of fabrics in a rainbow of colors and designs. You might opt for traditional draperies in a classic silken fabric, choose lacy sheers for an early American look, or even build an upholstered window seat for a cozy escape.

Take control of your own home décor. After all, no one understands the look you want better than you do!

Custom Curtain and Drapes

The professionals at Dr. Sofa can help you translate your unique window upholstery design into a reality for much less than you would pay with a traditional interior designer. They can measure your windows and review your best options. The professionals at Dr. Sofa have plenty of experience with all kinds of furniture upholstery projects. They can be your personal consultants on fabrics, styles, design and even proper maintenance. They can help you choose a style and fabric that is best suited to your design vision and home environment. And once your window treatment design is complete, they even offer a fabric protection service to keep your custom drapes looking as fresh and new as the day they arrived.

Dr. Sofa offers you a one-stop, economical, and expert alternative to buying your furniture and window treatments at retail. You can order re-upholstery and custom window treatments in one convenient place, sparing you the time and trouble of shopping all over town. With Dr. Sofa, you can make your own design vision a reality without spending a fortune, and you can be sure that your stylish decor will be exclusive to your home. You will also have the benefit of Dr. Sofa’s extensive experience with design, luxury fabrics and upholstery construction and repair.

And if you have an antique, beloved-but-battered, or malfunctioning window treatment, Dr. Sofa may even be able to restore them to their former glory – saving you money. Of course, Dr. Sofa can do the same for your favorite furniture pieces, whether it’s a simple reupholstery job, adding or subtracting chair arms, or a complete redesign.

Dr. Sofa offers so much more than just furniture upholstery.