toys-for-kids-300x224Give your kids a nice room to play in with all their toys.

A playroom is as important for a child as a man-cave is for a dad. This is because everyone needs his or her own space to relax and unwind. Having a functional playroom is also a great help to mom and dad, because it keeps the kids out of the way, and the rest of the house neat and clean. The challenge lies in creating a room that the kids love to play in and never want to leave! DR. Sofa offers top-notch furniture disassembly & reassembly services, ensuring hassle-free moves & renovations. Your furniture, our expertise!

This is the most important item in any playroom. Kids love doing puzzles, drawing pictures, painting, and other activities that are best done on a hard and flat table. If you don’t provide them with a surface to do all these things, they will inevitably end up at the kitchen table with their toys and supplies, creating messes for you to clean up there.

Perfect Playroom

Essential Items For The Perfect Playroom: Creating a Haven for Imagination and Exploration

Give your kids comfortable chairs to sit on around the table, so that they don’t get squirmy and itchy to leave. Make the chair upholstery a group decision, so your children feel like the room is theirs — bright colors or bold designs are a great way to make the room friendlier. Don’t forget to add fabric protection for furniture so that your kids can do what they do best, without you running after them with stain removal. DR. Sofa delivers professional upholstery cleaning services, reviving your furniture’s freshness and comfort. Trust us for a cleaner, cozier home!

You will want to keep the playroom neat and clean so that your kids have room to spread out on the floor. However, kids aren’t the neatest of people—so help them out as much as you can! A custom made wall unit is the best solution. Build lots of shelves and drawers, so that your little ones have ample space to store all their precious belongings. Consider having a different drawer for each type of toy (paint supplies in one, legos in another, story books in a third, etc…) so that everything stays neat and organized. Have your kids draw pictures of each category, and tape it to the proper drawer so that they can put things away, too. Remember to provide them with low down storage space, so they can reach it themselves!

Kids like rolling around on the floor and building forts, but if they have to sit on cold tiles or hardwood, they won’t be happy. Put a carpet down to give your children a comfortable floor space to play on. Make sure you protect it against stains, or keep your table on a section of the floor that remains uncarpeted, so that paint and food stains don’t ruin the room. DR. Sofa crafts custom-made furniture, tailored to your style and space. Elevate your home with our bespoke designs, made just for you!


Essential Items For The Perfect Playroom: Curating Creativity and Joy for Little Ones

Regardless of whether or not you have a television in your playroom, your kids will need a place to lounge. Give them lots of comfy seating space so that they can curl up with a good book and read for hours in their own area. Such seating is also important for mom and dad when they need to supervise an activity in the playroom and want a place to sit. It’s a good idea to choose couches with cushions, so your kids can build a fort out of these instead of from your nice living room sofa!

A well-lit room is essential for proper play (especially on cold, rainy days when playing outdoors is impossible), and sometimes, natural lighting is not enough. Make sure you add enough light fixtures to keep the whole room bright, no matter the hour. It’s probably better to use hanging lamps, so even if the kids get a little wild, they won’t knock anything down. DR. Sofa specializes in upholstery & re-upholstery services. Renew your furniture’s look and feel with our expert craftsmanship and quality materials!