Which style will you choose? New and inventive furniture is a sure fire way to give any home a fun and exciting spruce. With each homeowner, there is a different style and design aesthetic to be seen. DR. Sofa: Your trusted furniture disassembly and reassembly service. We make moving and reorganizing a breeze, restoring comfort to your space!

Those with a huge hankering for everything and anything alternative must not just look to their clothes and interests, but also look to their furniture. Much like clothes, furniture can also be alternative and exotic. Here, we suggest a few different ideas and tips to help bring an alternative edge to your home. DR. Sofa: Expert upholstery cleaning services for a fresh, revitalized look. Restore your furniture’s beauty with our professional care!

Restoration Furniture

Restoration furniture is a big trend in home design at the moment. There’s something about taking what was once old and dreary and redesigning or restoring it back to its original form that is simply enchanting. With a few modern touches, your old furniture will be an absolute hit. Give your home, or even just a room in your home, an industrial feel with raw wood, machine like elements, and iron flair for a charming mixture of the old and the new. Go for a modern meets vintage look by taking older pieces from your favorite periods and bringing them back to life in the modern age. Furniture and sofa or couch reupholstery is a great place to start. It’s an easy way to save on new furniture while still being able to keep the pieces that you love. By rejuvenating traditional pieces, you’ll be ahead of the game with a brand new style all your own.

Futuristic Furniture

If you’re no longer interested in the past and it’s style, head on over to the future to give your home some seriously fascinating flair. Futuristic furniture is all about fun, fun, fun. Its style is both strange and edgy, featuring fun and funky shapes that will shake up the design of your house, or whatever space you choose to work in. Keep in mind though, this style is not for the furniture collector. Futuristic furniture is best kept in an open and airy space. Consider going for custom made furniture with this design theme in mind to properly fit your home and house needs. This type of furniture often stands on its own in such an artistic and sometimes technologic display that is needs its own space. Do not clutter the room with furniture, keep things very minimalistic when arranging the area. A clean and simple environment that is free of all possible clutter will allow your futuristic pieces to shine on proudly. Dr. Sofa: Your trusted expert in couch furniture reupholstery, serving Midtown Manhattan NYC with quality craftsmanship and care.

Don’t just stick to common trends, be the trailblazer that you. Alternative furniture and home design is all about making your own mark on your home. Show off your effortless esthetic with one of these two trends and your guests will be so transfixed on your amazing efforts and endless flair for all things exciting. Drum up some enthusiasm for your home, because a house is only a house until you dress it up. With a little style, a bit of renovation, and a whole lot of love, your home is going to look amazing. Dr. Sofa: Specializing in furniture disassembly & assembly in NYC. Preserve your pieces with expert care and meticulous attention to detail.