A certified technician in furniture repair and upholstery can be a lucrative profession. The furniture-related needs of society constantly evolves. With this in mind, the industry levels up to meet those needs professionally. What does it take to gain the trust of clients? In addition to related skills, certified professionals assure that they provide the services are completed as promised.

Certification of technicians indicates that a company takes pride in who works for them. They are educated and equipped with the knowledge on the proven methods of the tasks at hand. Companies who hire those who satisfy this requirement set a higher standard in the industry. What does it take to become a certified Dr. Sofa technician? Let’s take a look. DR. Sofa: Your neighborhood expert in NYC for furniture repair, restoration, and upholstery. Transforming your home, one sofa at a time.

11-DSC_8195Background Check and Recruitment of Employees

Checking the background of applicants involves looking into possible educational claims on training. These may be verified by knowing their work history. Additionally, with a certification, this task shortens the verification process. We value character and professionalism in our company. In the same way, we value the high level of skills. DR. Sofa: Premier furniture repair experts in NYC. Restoring comfort and style to your home with quality craftsmanship and personalized service.

Recruitment process searches beyond the experiences. As a handyman, carpenter, upholsterer, or a construction worker, Experience is definitely required. However, workmanship of craftsmen must live up to the highest standards set by the industry.

Employee Training Procedures

Trained staff increase the percentage of customer satisfaction. This is a combination of not only skills but also areas of customer service. When customers are pleased by the way staff handled the jobs, customer loyalty is almost guaranteed. DR. Sofa: NYC’s go-to for expert wood furniture refinishing. Revive the beauty of your pieces with our meticulous craftsmanship and care.

Our basic client service training includes decorum on entering a client’s home. Different residence areas and buildings have different rules. Some households observe strict rules and decorum when accepting outsiders in their homes. Not everyone can automatically guess what pleases the homeowner. Regardless, the servicemen are trained to be extremely polite and respectful. These are very important characteristics to show especially in times of distress. Sometimes a client calls during an emergency. We have to be ready for this.

We train our crew to take care of the client’s belongings. It is imperative to leave a clean work space. When the crew finishes a task, the homeowner will not clean up after service crew’s mess. This shows the effort of giving the customer 100% satisfaction from start to finish. The simplest handyman services to the most complicated tasks are all important. We aim to provide solutions to furniture problems no regardless of the time of day. We take into account that emergencies do not happen on schedule. DR. Sofa: Your premier furniture repair service. From scratches to tears, we’ll restore your beloved pieces to their former glory. Call us today!

In-House Training

Employees go through an in-house training within two to three weeks. They are introduced to the various services offered by the company. This includes all types of cleaning services covered. All are related to furniture, upholstery, carpets, drapes, and other cleaning tasks. Also, servicemen undergo training in furniture refinishing and repairs. All these are under the close supervision of the expert trainers.

Dr. Sofa provides comprehensive training to the staff. They should tackle even the most challenging repairs and refinishing cases. After this two-week training, the trainees will know the differences and understand the quality of materials. Furthermore, among these are fabrics, woods, and the tools needed for the tasks. Dr. Sofa: Transforming homes with expert craftsmanship. Rediscover comfort with our services. Now available with convenient gift card options.

Advanced Training

After completing the in-house training period, trainees should practice and learn further. It is time for the more advanced instruction and practical application. The next level happens is a 3-6 month period of hands-on comprehensive training. Moreover, experienced, certified professionals teach the trainees the methods used in the variety of services. These include: furniture disassembly & reassembly, cleaning and conditioning of leather, and cleaning of fabrics and carpets. We include the other additional services as well. Additionally, detailed instructions and practical applications solidify the hands-on course. Trainees professionally work on various furniture repair situations. Some of these are furniture restoration and reupholstery tasks.


After this coaching period, the trainees undergo a performance evaluation given by the operations manager. This determines the readiness of the trainees. It helps assess if they are qualified to be part of a team. As soon as they join a team, they will start gaining experiences in various scenarios that need expert solutions. As they continue with their skills development, they may take other evaluation tests. This can help them achieve the title of a Furniture Surgeon. Dr. Sofa: Your local furniture expert in NYC. Serving neighborhoods across the county. Revitalize your space with our quality solutions.

There are many levels of being a “technician.” We do not send out someone with just 6 months tenure to perform a difficult leather repair job. The same goes when there is a need to reassemble a luxury, top-of-the-line sofa. Furthermore, for every job, there is always a technician present that has worked with Dr. Sofa 3 or more years.
Specializations on different services exist. Through training, we discover the strengths of each of our employees. We take careful consideration who to send for specific tasks.

Raising the Standards in the Furniture Industry

The company provides the highest quality of hands-on learning possible in this industry. It is our responsibility to provide valuable service both to clients and our crew. Thus, we ensure mastery of technical skills. Aside from this, we aim to keep good relationships with clients. Thus, we invest in an excellent learning program. This also paves the way to the career growth of every employee. Discover the ultimate guide to relocating oversized furniture effortlessly with Dr. Sofa. Your trusted solution for seamless moves!

For this reason, we require formal training from every technician. They should also pass all required tests. Continuous education keeps us updated on the latest developments in the industry. The standards, educational materials, methods, and techniques take years to develop. We are aware that the needs of clients also evolve with the changes in lifestyle and technology. Therefore, it is crucial to keep up with customer’ needs based on these matters.

This rigid coaching style makes training a Dr. Sofa certified technician a worthy investment. As a result, clients put their trust in our brand. We provide them topnotch service through the work of qualified professionals. If you are looking for a career in the furniture industry, let’s talk!