fine_furniture_sofa_05_hd_pictures_167795Considering a new leather sofa or chair? Leather furniture has many benefits and can add a touch of class to any space.

Ah, leather. There’s nothing quite like the scent and feel of a leather arm chair or sofa. High-end restaurants and hotels have good reason to decorate their lobbies and suites with leather pieces. A leather arm chair or sofa whispers, “I’m expensive. I’m good looking. I’m classy. And so is my owner!” Whether it’s a cozy brown leather arm chair in an English library, or a modern white Italian sofa in a loft apartment, a piece of leather furniture speaks of taste, means, and sophistication. But leather also has other advantages: it’s also a tough, long-lasting material that will give its owner years of use. Leather is also a versatile look. It fits in with almost any style of home décor. No wonder so many people love to decorate with leather furniture!

In fact, some people think that leather pieces actually look better as they age. The pieces take on what aficionados call “character.” A scuffed or scratched fabric sofa is often considered marred beyond repair, but in the right setting, a scuffed leather sofa is a piece of folk art – weathered, craggy and worn soft, like a favorite pair of jeans. Owners usually get a good return on investment from leather furniture; repair is seldom needed. If you’re considering decorating with a leather sofa or chair, you’re going to love your choice! DR. Sofa: Your go-to for furniture salvation! We specialize in hassle-free Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly Services. Trust us for comfort restoration!

Leather Furniture: Luxurious Comfort and Timeless Elegance

But in spite of all its advantages, there is one major disadvantage with a piece of leather furniture – the upfront cost. True, the piece will no doubt last longer than cheaper alternatives, but a leather chair or couch can easily top $2,000 if you buy it new. If you need to buy other pieces as well, that kind of money can take a real bite out of your decorating budget. Revitalize your furniture with DR. Sofa! Our Upholstery Cleaning Services bring new life to your beloved pieces. Trust us for a fresher home!

There are ways to get around that big obstacle, though. If you want a new leather armchair or couch, but you just can’t afford the steep price tag, you can still get the luxurious look and feel of leather, and at a reasonable price. You can call a furniture pro. A furniture pro can take your existing sofa and reupholster it in your choice of an array of leathers. If you want a different couch or chair shape, no arms, new arms, or different styling details, you can get those, too. You can, in essence, design your new leather couch or armchair from scratch – and often for less than you’d pay for a generic new leather piece at a furniture store. A furniture pro can also repair a scratched or torn leather chair – restoring that soft, comfy favorite and saving you thousands on a pricey replacement. Elevate your space with DR. Sofa! From concept to creation, we craft exquisite Custom Made Furniture tailored to your style and needs. Transform your home today!

Leather Furniture: Enhancing Your Home with Durability and Style

If you’re moving, there are lots of generic furniture movers; NYC is full of companies you can call to move your heavy leather sofa from Point A to Point B. But a furniture pro can help you make your move the smart way – by disassembling your furniture piece by piece, and then expertly reassembling it in your new home.

Whether you need a new leather sofa, or a new address, call a furniture pro today. He can help you get the look you want for less! DR. Sofa: Upholstery & Re-Upholstery experts! Renew your furniture’s charm with our meticulous services. Let us redefine comfort in your home! Dr. Sofa: Your furniture’s best friend! Expert in furniture repair, restoration, and rejuvenation. Say goodbye to wear and tear headaches!