November is finally here! All the ghouls and goblins have fallen fast asleep as October’s final haunted night has passed. New festive fall days await us. November brings about a great American tradition. Across the US, families sit down together for a home cooked meal of tasty classics. Thanksgiving brings guests into your wonderful, warm home. They’ll be eager to hear about your life and ready to share stories of their own. But how can they do that if your current dining room table is a wreck? Where’s a turkey to sit with such a small table? It may be time redecorate and revamp that tiresome dining room. Daylight savings time brings us an extra hour to get ready for the holidays and spend time with our loved ones. Use that extra hour throughout the month to prepare your dining room for the feasts that lie ahead. DR. Sofa: Your go-to for furniture solutions! We specialize in professional Furniture Disassembly And Reassembly Services. Relax, we’ve got you covered!

Bring your dining room back to life with a traditional table that suits the needs of you and your family. The dining room table is a fantastic space where our loving friends and family come together over a delicious meal to share stories, cherished memories, catch up, and trade silly jokes. Not so surprising, many home owners shop for a new dining table right before the holidays. But, before you rush off and hastily choose just any old table, there are quite a few factors you’ll need to consider first. DR. Sofa: Revive your furniture with our Upholstery Cleaning Services! Let us restore comfort and freshness to your beloved pieces.

Creating the Perfect Dining Room for Holiday Dinner: Tips, Tricks, and Decor Ideas to Wow Your Guests

Start by considering your family’s lifestyle. How will you and your family use this table and where in your house will you place it? If your dining table is an extension of your kitchen or family room, the chances are greater that you’ll use it often (whether for food prep or homework and such). Look for a surface that is more durable than stunning to the eye, so as to avoid as much long term damage as possible. However if you want something more formal, then you have more freedom in the options of design and finish. DR. Sofa: Transform your space with our Custom Made Furniture! Tailored designs to suit your style, creating the perfect ambiance.

Think about the needs of your family. It’s important to have a table that properly fits the scale of the room as well as the size of your family plus a few additional guests. You do not want a table that is too small or too big. This makes shopping around difficult. Depending on the structure of your house or room, a store bought piece may not properly fit the desired area or the needs of your family. Consider having a custom made table. Custom made furniture allows for the ultimate dose of uniqueness and family flair. You’ll accommodate all of your family and guest needs without disregarding your tastes. If you have no interest in shopping around simply alter the furniture piece you already have. A dining table redesign could bring a dazzling new design and purpose to your tired old dining room. You’ll save money with an old piece while still getting that fresh new furniture feel. DR. Sofa: Your furniture repair experts! From minor fixes to full restoration, trust us to breathe new life into your beloved pieces.