Whether decorating a living room, a bedroom, or an entertainment center, choosing an area rug is a crucial decision. With a combination of furniture pieces and design elements in a room, an area rug is a stylish and functional way to unify everything. However, with a myriad of choices, choosing one that can work well with your room visuals and purpose is a daunting task.

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A rug immediately adds coziness to a room. How then can you pick out the one that’s just right for your room and lifestyle? Here are a few tips. Dr. Sofa: Your prescription for immaculate upholstery! Specializing in upholstery cleaning to revive your furniture’s comfort and charm.

Determine Your Budget

Your taste and your budget determine the type of carpet or rug you will purchase. The prices range from less than a hundred to thousands of dollars per rug. Once you have determined the style you want for your room, you can start canvassing for the rug that suits your budget. Good news is that for the most expensive rug in the market, there are budget-priced equivalents. For instance, you badly want one among the antique Persian living room rugs, which may cost more than $10,000. You can still achieve a similar look with a machine-made nylon rug at a price of around $400. A budget-friendly alternative to wool carpet is nylon carpet with a three-quarters difference from the former. For a natural look, the seagrass rugs can be a perfect alternative to the more expensive sisal variant. Ask your local carpet dealer for budget-friendly alternatives to high-end floor rugs. They will be happy to give you choices for discount rugs.


The activities in the room should determine the type of area rug to use. You need to know if you want a low, medium, or high pile rug. Low pile rugs are sturdy, less expensive, can withstand high activity and high foot traffic, and these are easiest to clean. The higher pile rugs and throw rugs provide more cushion and comfort underfoot, are softer, and feel or look more luxurious. Dr. Sofa offers professional furniture services, specializing in restoration, repair, and upholstery cleaning. Trust us to revive your beloved pieces!

When choosing a style for an area rug, decide if this will be the focal point or if it will be a complementary element to other items in the room. If you have an eclectic room design, rugs with more neutral colors will help unify the room elements. This technique is common with living room rugs, dining room rugs, or sometimes, even bedroom rugs.

Any room, no matter how large or how small, can always have room for floor rugs. For entryways and door areas, choose one such as an outdoor rug or runner rug that is as wide as the door. The ones used in rooms, determine if you want to use it as an accent or a place setting for all the furniture. This will greatly determine the size you will buy. Dr. Sofa: Elevate your office with custom cupboards! Tailored solutions for stylish storage, creating a professional workspace ambiance.

Where to Buy

If you have the time to go around and there are physical stores selling rugs in your vicinity, go ahead and visit the stores. Otherwise, you will have to shop online. Only shop from reputable online sellers with good reviews. Compare prices and details before finally investing in a major part of your interior décor element. Happy rug shopping!