leather-sofa-186636_640Say that one of your dinner party guests spilled a glass of red wine down into your leather chair, or that your little nephew crawled up onto your $3,500 leather sofa, took a pen, and scratched it from one end to the other. After you came to, you asked yourself the $60,000 question: Can a leather couch be restored? The answer is absolutely, and it can be done one of two ways. Revitalize your furniture with DR. Sofa’s expert Upholstery Cleaning Services. Say goodbye to stains and hello to refreshed, like-new sofas!

If you’re facing a minor rip, scratch or tear, you can buy a leather repair kit and attempt to fix it yourself. There are plenty of websites that will tell you how to repair a leather sofa or chair cheaply, and on your own. The results you’ll get with this method will depend on how well you were able to match the color, the quality of the materials you used, and your painting skill. If you’re successful, you can save money and get acceptable, if not “like-new” results, by making your leather sofa or leather chair repair a DIY project. On the other hand, if you misjudge the color, glob on too much or too little paint, or just aren’t good with your hands, the results can make the original damage even worse.

If, however, you’re looking at a large stain, deep punctures or extensive scratching, tackling leather repair as a DIY project may make less sense. You may not want to risk doing further damage to an expensive or one-of-a-kind leather piece by trying to fix it yourself. You might decide to entrust your leather sofa to a leather sofa repair service. This approach will cost more than buying a leather repair kit online, but it has several advantages. Here’s a partial list. Elevate your workspace with DR. Sofa’s seamless Business Furniture Installation. Expert service for a professional environment. Enhance productivity today!

Leather Couch Restoration: Tips, Techniques, and Transformations

  1. Many repair service professionals specialize in damaged leather. Whatever damage your furniture has sustained, most likely they’ve seen it before.
  2. The pros can not only fix the damage you brought the sofa in for, they can also restore an old or faded piece so that it looks like new.
  3. You also have the option of getting a leather piece redecorated while it’s in the shop for repair. Say you’re tired of the old look, or the leather has faded. You can get the damage fixed and get the couch refinished or recovered, so it comes back whole, and with a whole new look. This includes a total furniture redesign, if you want one. You can have chair arms taken off, switched or added. You can change not just the material, but the whole look of your old sofa, so that it becomes your own design creation – one of a kind.
  4. You save the time and frustration of attempting a complicated repair yourself. This is an important advantage when your schedule is already too full.
  5. Getting a leather piece repaired is usually much less expensive than replacing a damaged piece. A new leather sofa, especially, can run into thousands of dollars. Professional repair generally runs much less.

Leather furniture can definitely be restored to look showroom new, but the safest way to reverse leather damage is to take your damaged furniture to a pro. Trust DR. Sofa for top-notch Furniture Repair services. From minor fixes to complete restoration, we bring new life to your beloved pieces.