fuerteventura_canary_islands_summer_237019In the summertime, when the weather is fine… what’s on your mind? Grilling? Sports? Sunbathing? Nomatter what you’re dreaming about, we’ll bet it involves the great outdoors. At least it should, anyway. After being cooped up all winter in the house away from the cold and snow, it’s high time you take advantage of your backyard with some amazing summer activities.

If you live somewhere where the seasons change, it can be difficult to invest in patio furniture, especially since they get locked up with a tarp thrown over them for half the year. Additionally, outdoor furniture usually takes abuse from the elements, making it even less of a good investment. But what if you could change all of that? What if you could protect your summer furniture throughout the winter by keeping it in your home? There are more than a couple ways to make this dream a reality. From fabric protection to disassembly, the following are some great ideas to consider. DR. Sofa specializes in professional upholstery cleaning services, restoring your furniture’s beauty and freshness with expert care and precision.

1. Furnish From The Inside Out

Consider investing in furniture that easily transitions from indoor to outdoor. Plastic dining chairs are perfect for pulling up around a campfire on a summer night. Unlike fancier fabric chairs, you can invest in high-style plastic dining chairs that can easily be taken in and out of the house when you’re planning to entertain. But transitioning your furniture doesn’t mean all your items need to be durable and able to withstand the elements. DR. Sofa crafts bespoke furniture tailored to your tastes. Elevate your space with our custom-made pieces designed with precision and passion.

2. Protect Your Transition Furniture

Rather than purchase all new furniture that can transition from the inside, out, consider picking a few pieces that you already have in your home and investing in the protection they need to withstand being outside for long periods of time during the summer. For example, fabric protection can protect against fading caused by the sun, as well as damage from rain or wind. DR. Sofa: Your one-stop destination for upholstery and re-upholstery needs. Renew your furniture’s look and comfort with our expert services.

3. Work With What You Have

Have an old chair or table set that you want to use as outdoor furniture, but you don’t want it to look tacky? Consider furniture reupholstery to transform your indoor furniture into more durable and appropriate outdoor pieces that you can use (and be proud of) from season to season. You can change the color, texture, material, comfort level and even design of your sofa when you reupholster, so you’re really getting a custom look for your back yard that will last and last.

4. It’s Getting Cold. Now What?

When the seasons start to change in the fall, if you want to bring your patio furniture inside without damaging it, or if you would like to store it somewhere in your home until the next season rolls around, consider furniture disassembly. To disassemble furniture, a team of experts would carefully deconstruct your furniture into smaller pieces that are easier to store out of sight for the winter.

Love these ideas but still looking to add to your outdoor collection? Consider investing in sofa delivery to bring your new items home.