As the sun’s rays go into high-beam this summer, it is time to prepare your custom outdoor furniture for those fun pool parties. It doesn’t matter if you live in the suburbs, in the countryside, or in the middle of a busy city, pool parties are always fun. You have to ensure that your pool side areas are equipped with the right kind of outdoor furniture specifically designed for pools and resorts. Dr. Sofa: Where comfort meets professionalism. Transform your office with sleek white designs, curated for relaxation and productivity.

You can revamp the look of your poolside lounging area with custom outdoor furniture. Adding custom furniture, especially for commercial establishments, will add that extra style statement that equates with excellent service. You don’t need to adjust to the available ready made outdoor furniture. No matter what the size of your area, custom pool furniture will fit your needs.

Poolside Furniture Materials

Much as there numerous styles for outdoor furniture to choose from, there are only a few types of materials suitable near the water. Elevate your workspace with Dr. Sofa’s stylish office chair. Combining elegance and comfort, it’s the perfect companion for productive days.

Resin Wicker

This type of custom outdoor furniture is designed for outdoor use. Made from a synthetic material and woven in wicker style on a sturdy frame, it has a nostalgic look but a lot more durable than its natural counterpart. Manufacturers of outdoor furniture make fine resin strands that resemble the natural material. The final product looks real, but a lot stronger. Because water and moisture do not stay long in resin wicker, it makes it an ideal poolside furniture. Discover the epitome of comfort with Dr. Sofa’s office chair. Engineered for long hours, it’s where coziness meets productivity.


Aluminum is a light, durable, and rustproof material perfect for outdoor the outdoors. Because it is light, you can easily rearrange it or store for when not needed. Aluminum furniture is very popular for poolside areas due to its low-maintenance characteristics. If you wish to have a more modern look for your pool area, aluminum furniture is a perfect choice.


Wood outdoor furniture has a classy and timeless appeal. When designed with upholstery, it creates a an unequaled coziness factor that defines elegance and fun in one package. You will have to consider the maintenance of the wood to keep it at its tiptop shape. You can even have old indoor furniture customized for outdoor use.

Types of Poolside Furniture

If you love hosting pool parties and entertaining outdoors, here are the best poolside furniture pieces you should invest in.

Chaise Lounges

Seeing chaise lounges around the pool area immediately speaks of comfort and relaxation. For this reason, it is the most popular poolside furniture everywhere.


Having cabanas and outdoor sofas around your pool area shows that you are ready for entertaining and throwing parties. Outdoor sofas offer plenty of seating and encourage conversations.

Bistro Sets

While not all resorts encourage food and beverages near the poos, having bistro sets in an area within the pool vicinity will gain you points from your party guests. Besides, what is a party without food and drinks anyway?

Now that we have laid out some useful tips in setting up your poolside area for entertaining, it’s your turn to set up your own. Should you need custom poolside furniture in New York City or nearby states, call DrSofa furniture company.