disabled_sign_199034-300x300Simple changes can make your home much more wheelchair-accessible.

Changes as simple as lowering a table or adding a ramp can make a huge difference to someone with a disability. If you or a loved one in your home is physically disabled, you can do something to improve their quality of life with a simple tool kit. We’re breaking down the three things you can do to customize your furniture right now, so that your home is friendlier and easier to navigate for persons with disabilities.

Lower Furniture

Lowering beds and tables can make it much easier for someone in a wheelchair to navigate around the house. Most bed frames are adjustable, and can be lowered as much as one foot. Having a lower bed means that someone who is wheelchair-bound can easily get into bed each night, and out of bed each morning. The bed should be about the same height as the chair they sit in, although it varies greatly based on upper body strength and personal preference. By simply lowering the bed to a more accessible height, you can make it feel like a custom bed.

Lowering a dining room table means that someone in a wheel chair can easily access it and eat at the table without trouble. Most dining tables are slightly higher than they should be, or they aren’t in an accessible location. Simply moving or lowering your dining room table can make a world of difference for someone in a wheelchair.

Add a Ramp

This may seem obvious, but most homes that need to be easily wheelchair-accessible have stairs somewhere, whether it’s the outside steps or steps to get to the second floor. A home that is completely handicap-accessible is often equipped with ramps wherever necessary. If you don’t need your home to be perfectly accessible all the time, consider adding your own sturdy ramp for one entrance in your home, using strong boards reinforced into your wall. Adding a custom wall unit, like a small ramp, can make your home much more navigable.

Create a Custom Sofa

custom sofa can be created by either professionals in a furniture store, or by yourself with a little know-how. Basically, any sofa can be a custom sofa if one or both of the arms are missing, making it easily accessible from a wheel chair. A custom sofa is slightly harder to create, but an arm chair with low arms or a chair without arms functions the same. Just ensure that your living room as a whole is accessible as well.

Custom furniture can make daily life much easier for person with a disability. If they can easily maneuver from the outside-in and from one end of the home to the other, they can take care of themselves and live on their own. Creating a home that is handicap-friendly is easier than it seems. All you need area few tools and some elbow grease, and your home can be transformed into an easily navigable space for people with disabilities