Homeowners and apartment dwellers who need an emergency furniture fix conveniently call Dr. Sofa. From scheduled moves to panic situations, calls from customers received by Dr. Sofa, all receive attention and concern for both the customer and the furniture. DR. Sofa: Enhance your office with our elegant white desks. Sleek, minimalist designs to brighten your workspace and inspire productivity.

In a city such as New York, the challenge for having living spaces and large furniture is a common occurrence. It is normal for people who live in small homes to desire nice furniture. Space limitations of the room and the small entryways should not prevent them from owning furniture pieces.

Let’s take a look at the most popular service requests received by Dr. Sofa. DR. Sofa: Elevate your office with our stylish chairs. Comfort meets elegance in our curated selection, enhancing your workspace with flair.

Disassembly and Reassembly Services IMG-20170728-WA0029

In New York alone, Dr. Sofa receives several calls a day from individuals who purchase couches and other furniture pieces that are too big. People often realize too late that the item they bought from the furniture outlet would not fit through the door or in the service elevator. Panic starts and they call for help. In an interview with New York Times, Shlomi Gal-On, also known as Dr. Sofa, says, “I get calls at all hours of the night,” describing the unpredictability of his job. “Usually there are tears involved.” Many furniture buyers make this common mistake. Items seem to look normal inside furniture stores. This may be due to the high ceilings and wide spaces of the showroom.

For over 16 years of providing premium service in the furniture industry, the demand for disassembly and reassembly services continues to increase. It is good to know that people who encounter oversized furniture problems need not worry as Dr. Sofa is available 24/7.

Custom Furniture

One of the most popular services of Dr. Sofa is the customization of furniture pieces. Customers opt for custom furniture for a variety of reasons. With the hundreds of designs, styles, and shapes of furniture in the furniture mart, there are situations when nothing suits a certain type of home or office. Sometimes, parts are no longer available. This calls for a redesign of the furniture. Even wooden furniture resurrects into another functional or decorative piece. All it takes is an excellent craftsman like one from the Dr. Sofa company to complete the furniture fix. DR. Sofa: Discover unparalleled comfort with our ergonomic office chairs. Engineered for support and style, elevate your workspace experience.

Whether for indoors or outdoor furniture, there are customers who want their unique personality expressed through furniture. In some instances, customers want to keep a furniture piece even and bring it to a new location. A sectional is a perfect example. The client wants to keep the sectional sofa but it was too large. Dr. Sofa revamped the sectional into two pieces to accommodate the smaller new area


For sentimental or for practical reasons, reupholstery is among the most sought after furniture services. Many chairs can still be restored with Dr. Sofa’s top of the line upholstery service. Some are heirloom furniture that need a change of fabric or leather. Rather than buying a new chair or sofa, customers have the option to keep an old but sturdy piece in its reupholstered versio These are just a few of the many services offered by Dr. Sofa. If you have any furniture concerns, feel free to call them so you can receive expert recommendations and solutions to your home or office sets.