green_room_183347-300x224Don’t be afraid to explore bright colors when redecorating your teen’s bedroom!

When children are growing up, their interests and personal styles are going to change as they get older. For example, what your daughter thought was cute when she was a five year old is probably going to be a little different than what interior design styles she likes a a sixteen year old girl. The same logic applies to boys, as well. As a result, many children want to have their bedroom redecorated when they reach their teenage years. If this sounds like your current situation, don’t stress! Bedroom redecoration doesn’t have to be a stressful process. To make it a little easier, we’ve put together a list of furniture ideas for teens. Read below for some inspiration before you start your room redecorating project!


Invest in some large, sturdy bookshelves for your teenage son or daughter’s bedroom. Chances are they’ll be entering high school in the near future, and like it or not, that means a boat load of heavy books! Not only will the bookshelf be able to store all different kinds of books, but other treasure and knick-knacks will likely line the shelves as well. If your kid’s room is already pressed for space, consider building a custom wall unit. Not only will this be practical and space-saving, but since it’s being custom-built, you can design it to fit the room!

Decorative Sofa

A love seat or couch ties any room together – however, purchasing a new one can be expensive. Instead, spruce your teenager’s bedroom up by reinventing an old couch! Chances are that you or a family member has a couch that they no longer use, so capitalize on this. Reupholstering an old couch with new and stylish fabric is an excellent and cost-efficient way to add some color and flair to a room! Your teenager can pick out what pattern and style of material they want, so this is a great way to get your kid involved in the decorating process. If you can, try to invest instain protection fabric – you’ll be thanking yourself when your son or daughter inevitably spills something on that freshly upholstered sofa.

Lighting Elements

If the bedroom that you’re redecorating has light fixtures in the ceiling that you can’t change, you can still dress them up with a decorative light fixture. This doesn’t mean you have to drag yourself to a furniture store and buy a pricey one – there are plenty of DIY light fixtures that you can make. In addition, a free-standing floor lamp looks great in the bedroom, and there is definitely one out there that will mesh well with your room’s design. Don’t forget about desk lamps, either – they’re great for adding accents to a room!

Redecorating your teen’s bedroom doesn’t have to be a hassle! Make sure to include your teenage child in the process – remember, it’s their bedroom after all! Have fun with it, and try some new design ideas that you wouldn’t typically explore in the rest of your home. Happy decorating!