If you long for the countryside but you live in a big city it is sometimes easy to feel hemmed in by your situation.  Endless miles of freeway, crowded sidewalks, the constant drone of traffic, the wail of sirens, and even the scent of the big city can be stifling to someone who longs for a simple life in the country.

Country Living in the Big City
Country Living in the Big City

Fortunately you can capture the feel of country living even if you can’t live there.  By employing country principles in a New York City apartment you can create for yourself a place to get away from the big city without ever having to leave it.  By spending a few weekends with a paintbrush and some tools you can create the perfect backdrop for country-inspired furniture and accessories.

Creating a Country Setting

A basic step to giving your dwelling place a makeover is putting up a new coat of paint or two.  Try to get away from the institutional colorings often found in big city and replace them with soft pastels.  Perhaps light yellow to emulate a sun-kissed field of daisies.  Or a weathered red with white accents such as you would find on a barn.  Try adding an accent wall with a color that compliments the other walls in the room.

After you’ve got the color down you’ll want to turn your focus to some of the accessories for your home.  Instead of traditional picture frames try to get some made of tin or weathered barn wood.  Scatter a few wooden crates around to use for storage.  By adding small details with a country feel to them you can change the entire atmosphere of a room.

Country Furniture

No article on creating a country setting would be complete without discussing perhaps the most important part of the setting: the furniture.  Instead of modern complex pieces you should attempt to adopt a furniture style that matches the simple feeling of living in the country.

For example, ditch the aluminum-and-glass end table for a nice rustic table made with real wood.  Reclaimed barn wood is a great choice for a country setting and is very versatile.  You can use it to create shelving in a nook following simple patterns available online or you could have the shelves custom built for you using the wood you have selected.

Another great choice is to replace your metal furniture with rustic log furniture.  Each piece is unique and adds a real touch of authenticity to the room.  Consider covering an accent wall with wood paneling to match the wood furniture in the room.  If you’re feeling really ambitious you could even add wood flooring made from reclaimed barn wood or some other antique siding material.

If you have an idea for a piece of furniture but you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for consider consulting a furniture redesigner.  At Dr. Sofa we have professional redesigners who can work with you to achieve the perfect look.  Let us help you make your dreams a reality.  Just because you reside in the big city doesn’t mean you have to live like it!