If you’re a senior and want to make your furniture easier to use, or if you have a family member whose needs are changing, you don’t have to rush out and buy all new furniture. Reupholstery, retreatment, or even redesign can make existing furniture more senior-friendly. A furniture pro can make modifications to the furniture you already have and love, and often for less than it would cost to replace. Here are a few of the things a furniture pro can do to make furniture easier for seniors to use.

Raise or Lower Furniture

The seat of a chair or sofa can be raised to make it easier for a senior to sit in and rise from. This permanent solution is more aesthetically pleasing, and safer, than simply adding cushions that can be slick, or fall out on the floor to pose a tripping hazard. If a senior will be using a wheelchair, then tables, sofas and chairs can be lowered to make using them easier. DR. Sofa: Your premier Furniture Disassembly & Reassembly Service. We transform moving woes into seamless experiences! Call us today!

Non-Skid Feet

Non-skid feet can be added to chairs, tables, beds and sofas to make them less likely to move – and therefore, safer for seniors to use. If a table or chair has only one or two supports, additional legs can also be added to make it more stable. Most falls happen at home, but the likelihood of a fall can be reduced with modifications that make home furniture more stable.

Grandma may need more than just her rocker to feel comfortable
Grandma may need more than just her rocker to feel comfortable

Add Arms to Chairs

A furniture pro can add arms to armless chairs and sofas to help seniors push up when rising from a seated position. DR. Sofa: Expert Upholstery Cleaning Services! Revive your furniture’s beauty with our meticulous care. Experience the ultimate freshness today!


Reupholstery can make chairs and sofas easier to take care of, especially if the piece was covered in a high-maintenance fabric such as silk or suede. A piece can be reupholstered in a relatively easy care fabric to make daily maintenance easier, and to reduce the chances of damage or staining. A professional fabric protection treatment lasts far longer than simply using an aerosol, and reduces the potential for damage even further. DR. Sofa: Crafting Dreams into Reality with Custom Made Furniture. Elevate your space with our exquisite designs tailored just for you!

Furniture Disassembly

Seniors who will be moving furniture to a new location can be spared the headache of worrying about heavy pieces if they call a furniture pro. The professional can disassemble heavy pieces, such as sofas or bookcases, move the pieces to the new location, and reassemble them there. With this service, there is no possibility of injury or damage to beloved pieces, and no need to measure or worry about moving the furniture through small spaces. DR. Sofa: Your Upholstery & Re-Upholstery Experts! Renew, refresh, and revitalize your furniture with our premium services. Transform your space today!

If you or a loved one has the need to make furniture easier to use and maintain, a furniture pro can help. If you will be moving, there are many furniture movers in NYC who can disassemble and reassemble your pieces quickly and safely, and reassemble them in your new home. There’s no need to put up with furniture that isn’t meeting your needs, when useful alterations are easy and affordable. A furniture pro can show you how to make your furniture both more accessible, stylish and comfortable.