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It can be hard to move around standard homes in a wheelchair or crutches.
Converting homes into handicap accessible buildings is extremely important. This is true not only for elderly family members who may have difficulty walking around without aid, but also for people recovering from injuries. Sports injuries, for instance, sometimes require people to walk around with crutches for months before they achieve a complete recovery. Follow these tips for quick and easy ways to help make your home handicap accessible.

Custom made furniture is a great way to make everything in your home easily available to those who may not be able to reach their belongings otherwise. If someone has a broken leg or can’t get around easily, a bed or sofa that is lower down and closer to the floor can be very helpful. The same can be said for wall units. If someone is in a wheel chair, it’s very hard for him or her to get something down off of a high shelf. To remedy this problem, make sure you keep all the important and daily essentials down low (but not too low that little children can get their hands on them too). Keep the floor space leading up to the shelves, drawers, bed, and couches clear and empty so no one can trip on anything. Keep in mind that you should have plenty of storage space for all the things that may normally be left strewn around the floor. Hooks should be installed for coats and jackets, drawers or storage bins should be employed for toys—nothing should be left carelessly lying around. The more space you have to neatly organize all your belongings, the easier it will be for handicapped or injured people to find everything and get it for themselves.


It can be extremely hard to push a wheelchair over plush carpet, and just as difficult to run it over small carpets that are placed on hardwood floor, because they can get snagged on the wheels. It is equally difficult to walk on space rugs with crutches because the carpet can shift and roll up, which presents many hazards. So make sure your flooring is smooth and even, and try to avoid carpets if you can. But because of this, you’ll need to come up with other ways to brighten up and soften your living conditions. Reupholstery services are a great way to add a bit of comfort, design, and color to your rooms. Make sure you provide comfortable seating spaces, such as sofas, chairs, or window seats, so people can still sit comfortably despite the lack of soft flooring.

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Moving Services

If you are considering rearranging your furniture, adding a new accessory, or removing an old one, but you don’t have the physical ability to do any of this, you don’t have to fear. Couch movers NYC, offering their services in and around the New York area, can do the hard work for you. This can take the strain off of redecorating. Bear in mind that if you need to keep your home wheelchair accessible, you need to leave plenty of hallway space empty. Moving services can help you rearrange the large furniture pieces in your home so it is easier to slip around corners and move through overcrowded rooms. Dr. Sofa: Your go-to for seamless furniture solutions! We expertly disassemble and reassemble furniture, making moving a breeze.

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