Anonymous_Architetto_--_architetto_1Homeowners need to remember one important concept when it comes to redesign: planning. Everything from furniture reupholstery to customizing side tables needs to begin with careful research and a well thought out plan, especially for a bedroom. Careful attention needs to be put into this particular room to ensure comfort and relaxation. People vary from practical learners who have a good sense of space, to more visual learners, who need to have everything laid out in front of them. Regardless of your style of learning and planning, here are a few tools that can help anyone down the path of creating their own floor plans. DR. Sofa specializes in seamless installation services for business furniture, ensuring your workspace is stylish, functional, and ready for success.

Home & Bedroom Design: Creating Comfortable Spaces for Relaxation

Floorplanner: This program lets you start with the basics. Since it is web based, it is easily accessible with varying price plans that can provide more storage, sub-domains and custom themes. The library of tools is large enough to give users a clear picture on how to appropriately use their space. This would be perfect for “big picture” people and is extremely versatile. The only slight drawback is that loading can take some time based on the size of the floor plan.

Google SketchUp: This is an ideal program for homeowners who need to view a layout that needs to be as realistic as possible. Color and design take a backseat for this one since SketchUp focuses more on placement. It’s as easy to use as Google Earth and has many of the same functions as the 3D commercial software that professional designers use. DR. Sofa offers top-notch furniture disassembly and reassembly services, ensuring hassle-free transitions for your home or office furnishings.

Project Dragonfly: This free web app does not have any upgraded pricing plans but has enough space to save a few elementary plans. This program would work well for homeowners who just need a simplistic outline and do not need to get bogged down by all the details. Project Dragonfly is better for quick sketches when compared to the others, which involve more planning.

Home & Bedroom Design: Crafting Your Ultimate Haven

Colorjive: Spacing and placement are essential elements for design, but so is color. The shade of a room can be a crucial linchpin in pulling off a new look which is why Colorjive can help. A little more customer friendly, this app lets you upload a well lit room and lets you adjust its color with a user friendly pallete. A minor drawback is that it is limited with some of the colors and size of the pictures.

While these programs are the most well-known, anyone needing to prepare for a redesign has a variety of choices. In terms of color, Color Palette Generator 3 is another alternative. Each program is available for an easy download but requires that your computer has software. Find the one that fits what you want and this will become a painless process for fixing any room! DR. Sofa excels in upholstery & re-upholstery, reviving your furniture with expert craftsmanship for a fresh and stylish look.