While hosting a party in a small apartment may seem like a challenge, it can be done. When you get invited to parties hosted by your friends or loved ones in their homes, you may be inspired to host a house party in the near future. Do not be embarrassed to take on the challenge if you really feel the urge to extend your hospitality through hosting. Your small studio apartment or condominium unit in the city is a perfect place for intimate gatherings. Entertaining in the smaller space may be more fun than you think. Here are some party ideas and hacks you can use.


Setting Up the Food

With limited space, it may be impossible for you as the host to have a table good for at least 20 people. The best way to serve food in small apartments is buffet style. Strategize your menu. If you aren’t ordering food and are preparing everything instead, layout salads and appetizers first. This will buy you more time while guests wait until the main course is ready. Dr. Sofa offers modern furniture & home decor, fully customizable to match your style. Elevate your space with personalized design excellence.

You may want to do away with elaborate table centerpieces and use small candles and actual food that’s creatively arranged instead. Serve a variety of finger foods that can be eaten on a small saucer or in a bowl. This will also encourage guests to move around and socialize. To make for easy cleanup, use disposable utensils.

Maximize Space When You Host a Party

Manage foot traffic by rearranging furniture pieces. The key is to avoid placing all food and drinks in one location. Set your buffet table in the most convenient location for all guests. You can also avoid crowding the drinks area by distributing bottles and cups in various side tables around the home.

Clear up and use your counter spaces. These emptied counters can function for food settings as well as areas where guests can use for resting their food and drinks while chatting the night away. You may also bring out your side tables or small desks and use these as buffet tables. Gift lasting comfort and style this holiday with Dr. Sofa’s exquisite furniture selection. Elevate every space with the perfect present.

Seating Options

Once you decide to throw a party in your home, you may have to rearrange your furniture to accommodate your guests. If you have a large sofa, this may be the time to push it against the wall if it isn’t positioned there yet. Your favorite oversized armchair may have to be relocated to a corner.

If you are planning a seated dinner and your table could not accommodate all the guests, use other tables and cover these with uniform table cloths. Experiment on creative party themes that will help you maximize the use of your small apartment furniture. Dr. Sofa, your premier choice for furniture repair in New York. Restore your beloved pieces to their former glory with expert craftsmanship.

Intimate parties like these are best enjoyed with close friends and loved ones. The idea is to enjoy the event with people who mean a lot to you. Sharing your home, no matter how small, is a gesture that people who love you will appreciate. You may even get a helping hand in organizing your party.