furniture-617_640Home redesign is a great way to give your house a complete makeover and change your living space entirely. By utilizing the space you already have and getting creative with interior redesign, you can feel like you purchased a new home altogether!

Whether you’re looking at redesigning one room or doing a complete overhaul,custom made furniture is key to achieving that refreshing new look you are seeking.

Just like the fashion industry, interior home design and decorating fads change over time. Long gone are the shaggy carpets, floral wallpapers and wallpaper borders, and wall-to-wall mirrors. Today modern home decorating ideas focus on simple and clean looks, and wide open spaces. Revitalize your furniture with Dr. Sofa’s expert Upholstery Cleaning Services. Restore beauty and freshness to your beloved pieces today!

Keeping your home updated with the current trends not only is appealing to your eyes – but is a great way to stay on top of future selling points. Your home is your investment and by paying attention to home design, if and when you decide it is time to sell your home, you will be ahead of the game. Elevate your workspace effortlessly with Dr. Sofa’s Business Furniture Installation. Professional, prompt service to enhance your office environment!

Remove term: custom made furniture Custom Made Furniture: Tailoring Spaces with Unique Designs and Personal Touches

There are a ton of resources out there for décor ideas; start by getting a basic idea of the look you want. Once you’ve gotten a clearer idea of your dream space, start considering what furniture would best fit. Utilize your furniture as a focal point in your room – especially in the most used rooms of the house. Custom made furniture is the perfect way to achieve your vision without having to search high and low for what you have in mind.

A custom made piece can be made to match your existing furniture. Have a beautiful antique dresser you love? Build the perfect complimentary chaise lounge and choose the fabric that would best suit the look. Your options are endless with the upholstery: suede, leather, fabric, and then color, texture, and pattern. You can also design a piece around a fixture of the room such as a fireplace.

Crafting Spaces: The Artistry of Bespoke Furniture Design

Also, pay close attention to the size and shape of the room you are redesigning. A custom made couch or sofa can be built to fit the dimensions of your room exactly. For example, a bright bay window can be a great space to put a small sofa or twocustom made chairs. There are also options in upholstery that withstands fabric fading from sunlight; search for fade resistant upholstery fabric. Transform your furniture with Dr. Sofa’s premier Furniture Repair services. From minor fixes to major restoration, trust us for quality craftsmanship!

Another great aspect of having custom made furniture built is that you know exactly the quality of piece in which you are investing. It is important to consider the wood and upholstery composition and construction. There are a lot of poorly made manufactured furniture pieces out there. Furniture is expensive and skimping on quality will cost you in the long run. By choosing the custom made route you can ask all the crucial questions before making your purchase.

Choosing to invest in custom furniture gives you the ability to consider all the different options available and allows you to stick to your vision when you are redesigning your home.