It is difficult to shop for furniture in a world where prices have gone up and quality has gone down. It is no question that the widely produced pieces sold in stores today do not compare to the fine furniture produced with artistry and craftsmanship in the past. It is near impossible for an individual of a modest living to purchase fine furniture that is constructed with the same standards as antiques, and made to last for generations. In addition, the elegance and design that used to come standard in furniture is fading as prefab pieces are shoveled into stores. These are just a few of the many reasons to consider purchasing custom made furniture when looking for your next sofa, bed, table, chair, ottoman, dresser, or any other piece you can think of. If you can dream it, there are architects and interior designers out there who can help you achieve it.


Of course one of the main reasons to purchase custom-made over store-bought is that people often dream up unique furniture for their homes that they then cannot find. Designing and purchasing custom furniture means not compromising on what is really important. Purchasers can have fun choosing different designs, colors and fabrics to create an eclectic feel, or use custom-made pieces to create a set of matching furniture; creating a new arm chair to go with an already owned sofa or vice-versa! Ultimately, custom-made furniture allows people the chance to own a one-of-a-kind item and show off their uniqueness.

Custom made furniture can also offer the opportunity to create pieces that look as if they come from a certain era or historic period. It can also do the opposite through furniture reupholstery– by taking an old piece and changing the fabric, designers can breathe new life into old pieces and update an entire room quickly, easily, and painlessly.

Many people also consider space and the impact it will have on design in a room. First of all, not all rooms are shaped the same and some odd angles may call for a little ingenuity in the furniture department. Second of all, the amount of space is important to consider. For example, when making custom couches, it is necessary to consider the depth and width of the room and how those couches will fit in with the other furniture and the space available. Lastly, many people build their furniture around themselves. So, a person who stands six and a half feet might be more interested in designing a deep-seated couch as opposed to a love seat.

As with any project, money is of course a factor. However, custom furniture isn’t necessarily more expensive than ready-made pieces from a showroom or chain store, and can even be less costly. In addition, when buying custom-made, it is easier to support local businesses by buying locally made furniture and thus supporting the country’s economy.

Ultimately, as with any decision, there are various factors to consider when choosing whether or not to go the route of creating custom-made furniture over shopping at a chain or warehouse. However, there are many great benefits to purchasing custom-made, and in the end, it is possible to say that no one else will ever have the same piece in their home.