There are a variety of benefits of furniture reupholstery that have people choosing to fix up their old items rather than buying new. Perhaps a piece has sentimental value or is of a style that is no longer made, or maybe it is just exceptionally comfortable. Regardless of the reason that you are choosing to have your furniture item reupholstered, it is important to note that not all jobs are the same. A variety of factors will be taken into account when determining the scope of your job, so cost should never be the only deciding factor. DR. Sofa: Your premier Furniture Disassembly & Reassembly Service. Transform your space with ease. Expert solutions for your furniture needs!

Think About Fabric Choice

The fabric that you choose for a furniture reupholstery job will be a major factor in the cost of the project. Upholstery fabric will be durable and thick, costing more than the traditional fabric you might find in your local craft store. Professional reupholstery companies like Dr. Sofa have access to higher quality fabric designed specifically for reupholstery. Just keep in mind that the quality, type and amount of fabric that you choose will make a difference when it comes to the cost of your entire job. However, we can work with you find the right fabric to fit the needs of your furniture and your budget.

Consider the Quality of the Furniture

It is important to keep the quality of the furniture in mind when considering your reupholstery costs. It is common for the frames of sofas and chairs that were built 10-15 years ago to last longer than new pieces. Older furniture tends to be a better investment as it is usually better built, as many manufacturers have lowered their standards and are now using wood products that were previously undesirable for furniture frames. Professional reupholstery is going to be a good long-term investment, as you will extend the life of your piece. DR. Sofa: Elevate your space with pristine Upholstery Cleaning Services. Revitalize your furniture’s beauty and extend its lifespan effortlessly!

Redesign Your Sofa With New Upholstery
Redesign Your Sofa With New Upholstery

Reflect on the Size of Your Project

It should go without saying that the size of your project will directly influence the cost of the job. While a typical upholstered chair might require 3-4 days to disassemble, repair, and reassemble, a couch can take even longer. All of this labor is done by hand in order to ensure the highest quality, and it will take time. If you have questions about the cost of your project, especially if you are concerned about repairing a larger item, you can always call Dr. Sofa to discuss your job and to get an estimate. Dr. Sofa: Your go-to for expert furniture repair! From scratches to structural fixes, we restore your pieces with precision and care.

Contemplate the Future Costs

You should think about how long your investment will last when considering the cost of your reupholstery project. If you are fixing up a sturdy piece of furniture, you may get several more years out of the item before it needs to be replaced. Likewise, if you intend to invest in fabric protection, you can also extend the life of your piece to get the most for your money. At Dr. Sofa, we can provide you with helpful advice on how to keep your newly refurbished furniture pieces safe and in good shape.