behind_bars_188859-224x300Make sure your crib is safe for your baby!

Designing and decorating your child’s room can be quite a treat. The special time before a baby comes is known as “nesting,” and many mothers (and fathers) spend a lot of time carefully planning out the bedroom for their little bundle of joy. As your child grows older, their furniture will change and grow with them. You’ll see them grow out of their crib into a toddler bed, and eventually exchange their chest of toys for a desk.

First, let’s look at why it’s important to trust your children’s furniture. All parents would agree that it’s imperative that their children’s furniture is safe and sturdy. Cheaply made furniture can break easily, and may have parts that can poke or injure your child. You wouldn’t want to chance that your infant or child could be injured in their crib, or that your toddler could pull something on top of themselves.

Kids Furniture You Can Trust: Durability, Safety, and Style for Every Room

There have been many cases in the United States where children have been climbing on drawers of a dresser, an entertainment center, bookcases, TV stand, file cabinets, and more, and the furniture has tipped and fallen on top of them. Heavy, well-made furniture is less likely to tip, and you can also be sure it’ll stay put by securing it to the wall.

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Also, be knowledgeable about what your children’s furniture is constructed from. Many companies are still using harmful chemicals as flame retardants in furniture. Health experts are stepping forward in agreement that the chemicals may have a higher health risk than the fire.

So, what’s a parent to do? A great, safety-guaranteed option is to have custom furniture built by furniture specialists, and to always opt for anti-stain protection. It’s absolutely necessary to know the source of your children’s furniture so that you can determine whether it is well-made and sturdy. Your children are your most precious gift, so be sure to take the best steps to keep them healthy, safe, and happy.

The first bed your child will ever sleep in. You’ll want to be sure this item is extremely well-made, and that there is nothing in the frame of the crib that could poke or pinch your little one. Another excellent item to have custom-made is your toddler’s bed. You could even ask if there is an option to have your crib built into a toddler bed.

Not only will your kid love a toy chest, but it could turn into a treasured heirloom piece that can be used as a chest after your child has outgrown toys. Another option is to create a wall unit that houses your child’s drawers for their clothes or toys. This option also eliminates the risk of tip-overs.

Kids Furniture You Can Trust: Quality Craftsmanship for Growing Minds

Some parents decide to have their children share rooms, or because of the size of their home or otherwise. People who live in large cities like NYC often are used to making use of tight spaces. Lofted beds or bunk beds are a clever space-saving option. You can have these custom pieces created for your specific room. These custom pieces are guaranteed to fit your space, and to be safe for your children to sleep in.