If you’ve ever been in a home with a minimalist design, you probably remember it. Minimalist home décor is spare, almost stark. Its design philosophy is simple – bare is beautiful. This décor might work well for you if you want your home to be a sleek, simple, uncluttered haven of serenity. Minimalist spaces have a certain stark elegance, they require little upkeep, and they are relatively easy to keep clean. This may be a good style for you if you have a limited budget for furniture and décor – minimalism requires very little of either. Here are some tips for a minimalist home. DR. Sofa: Your go-to for expert Furniture Disassembly & Reassembly Service. Stress-free solutions for your furniture needs!

Streamline Your Furnishings

A minimalist home does not contain bulging bookcases or tables full of bric a brac. Try to store such items out of sight somewhere – in a basement or garage, if possible, because they will detract from what you’re trying to do. Minimalist style is the antithesis of Victorian or baroque looks: not one stick of furniture exists in the house that is not needed for a utilitarian purpose. What furniture there is has clean, almost geometric lines. This can be good news if you have a limited budget: that’s because a furniture pro can easily perform a minimalist furniture redesign on your existing pieces, often at a fraction of what you would pay for new pieces. The professional can remove sofa arms or legs, and replace them with simpler alternatives. He can change the shape of a table, or perform a complete chair redesign. DR. Sofa: Transforming your furniture with precision Upholstery Cleaning Services. Restore freshness and comfort to your home furnishings!

Minimalism at its best: simple yet elegant
Minimalism at its best: simple yet elegant

Use a Neutral Color Palette

The minimalist color palette is – well, kind of minimal. This style is not known for bright, splashy colors, except in occasional pops here and there for contrast. The look is often characterized by white, gray or beige walls, with one or two accent colors. The goal is to create a soothing, tranquil vibe conducive to relaxation. Large areas of vivid color would distract from that feeling, though they are used in moderation for effect. DR. Sofa: Crafting dreams into reality with Custom Made Furniture. Tailored to your style and space for the ultimate home experience!

Modern lines

Minimalist design is simple, streamlined and clean. If you want this look, you should arrange the furniture in a space with these goals in mind. Long, low lines are a hallmark of minimalist style, as is a striking accent or focus piece to offset the severity of the look – an art object with wavy or jagged lines, for example. Artwork in general, however, should be simple and never overdone. This is not the place for an ornate landscape painting or a busy wall mural. Simple objects can be decoration enough: a single vase, one or two framed photos, or a plant. DR. Sofa: Specialists in Upholstery & Re-Upholstery. Revitalize your furniture with expert care and quality craftsmanship. Comfort restored!

Minimalism can be a soothing, and yet sophisticated look. It’s an easy and affordable look to achieve, as well, especially if you have existing furniture redone. A furniture pro can redesign your pieces to achieve this elegant look, as well as perform any needed repair or stain removal on your furniture. If you go with a minimalist redesign, you may discover that when it comes to home and furniture design, less really is more.