sofa_redSo your brother-in-law said, ‘Why pay a mover? I can help you get your stuff into the new apartment just as well as some paid service.’ You rented a van, you nearly gave yourself a hernia getting all your furniture up the stairs to the new place, but you got it done. Except for the leather sofa — you put that off until last. It weighed a ton, you scratched it on the way up, and when you finally got it around the corner and into position at the front door, you found out what lots of people find out on Moving Day.

You forgot to measure the doorway. No matter how you turned it, or how hard you pushed, that big son of a gun was jammed tight. Passersby laughed and shot video of you on their smartphones, and you and your brother-in-law became the stars of an Internet video entitled “The couch doesn’t fit through the door.”

Don’t be this guy. There’s no need to be – getting even a monster couch to your new place is quick and easy if you go the professional route. Think about it: how do people get big sofas and chairs and wall units into apartments with tiny doorways, crooked, narrow stairs and unforgiving corners? Not the usual way, that’s for sure! Revitalize your furniture with Dr. Sofa’s expert Upholstery Cleaning Services. Renew comfort and elegance in your home effortlessly.

Couch Doesn’t Fit Through the Door: A Tale of Moving Mishaps

The smart ones call the professionals – experts in sofa disassembly who can take that boat of a sofa apart, piece by piece, package it up so it doesn’t get damaged, and carry the smaller, more manageable segments wherever you need. Even if you find yourself in need of emergency couch moving services, the pros can get your sofa out of the hall and into your home. Then they reassemble the piece quickly and expertly in whatever room you direct. What’s more, if the sofa needs repair, they can take care of that at the same time.

And, lest your brother-in-law tell you that reassembling a $5,000 couch can be a DIY project, you can spare yourself a lot of heartache if you leave that task to the experts, as well. Your wife’s custom made sofa, lying in puzzle pieces on the floor, is not a pretty sight. Furniture disassembly and reassembly is strictly the province of the pros!

Couch Doesn’t Fit Through the Door: The Great Furniture Fiasco

Fortunately, professional furniture disassembly services are surprisingly affordable, especially when you compare them to the cost of damaging an expensive or irreplaceable piece of furniture, the lost work time involved in a DIY move, or the risk of you (or your friends) hurting yourselves during a difficult transfer. Why go through that, when you can spend Moving Day sipping something tall and cool? A skilled furniture professional will not only transport your furniture without a scratch, but can also restore old or damaged furniture so that it looks like new – saving you the necessity of buying (and delivering!) expensive new pieces.

Sofa disassembly pros can save you the trouble, expense and heartache of a “couch that doesn’t fit through the door.”