Sochi Winter Olympics have been a huge hit so far. From slope-style skiing to group figure skating, there’s something for every kind of sport-lover. If you’re the type of person who believes that the Olympics should come more than every two years, we have a pretty cool solution for you. We’re telling you how to bring the Olympics into your home full-time with these sporty style choices.

Ski Shelves

Do you have a pair of old skis? Maybe you’ve retired from winter sports or maybe you just bought a nicer pair and have a spare and nothing to do with them. We’ve got a neat idea, either way. Celebrate your old skis by turning them into shelves with this easy DIY, no furniture disassembly required.

Simply mount some wall brackets where you want your new shelves to help stabilize your skis, and place them on your wall. Then, the fun begins! Decorate your new, cool shelves with some of your sports memorabilia, or let them stand alone.

Surf Stand

Maybe winter sports aren’t your thing, and you wouldn’t know the first thing about skiing or snowboarding. That’s okay! We’ve got cool ideas for summer sport lovers too. If you have an old surfboard in your home, there are plenty of ways to bring it back to life. Dr. Sofa: Your prescription for refreshed furniture! Expert upholstery cleaning services to revitalize your beloved pieces. Relax, we’ve got you covered.

Some designers have recently featured surfboards as major design features in living rooms, simply by hanging them on the wall. If you’d rather transform your surfboard, consider turning it into a cool coffee table or end table by drilling metal legs into the board.

Old Trophy Renewal

Do you have some old trophies from childhood just lying around? Bring them back to life with some spray paint and display them. Dr. Sofa crafts bespoke furniture tailored to your dreams! Elevate your space with our custom-made pieces, designed just for you.

First, decide on your paint color. If you want to bring Olympic glory into your home, consider a shiny gold spray paint. If you’re going for a more modern statement, consider a neon pink or green spray paint. Dr. Sofa: Your furniture healer! We offer top-notch repair services, restoring your beloved pieces to their former glory with care and precision.

After you paint your trophy, display it where everyone can see on a shelf or as a bookend. If you want to get really fancy, drill a hole in the top of the trophy and feed lamp wires through the hole to create a unique lamp base. Dr. Sofa specializes in upholstery & re-upholstery services. Transform your furniture with our expert touch, restoring beauty and comfort.

Frame Your Jersey

No matter what sport you grew up playing, you can bring Olympic-style glory into your home by displaying your favorite framed jersey in a large matte black or white frame. This idea is especially interesting if your jersey has your last name on the back. Consider autographing the jersey for added interest.

This idea makes for a one-of-a-kind art display and a cool conversation piece for your home.

You don’t have to invest in NYC furniture repair to transform your home into a sporty oasis. All you need to create gold metal style in your home are a few cans of spray paint and your favorite old sports gear. Bring Olympic glory into your home with these cool ideas.