Pool tables are awesome additions to any home.

Are you moving this year? Whether you’re changing apartments, buying a home, moving cross-country or just doing a little spring cleaning, moving is a serious job. Do it wrong, and you’ll pay for it in broken furniture, damaged décor and banged-up walls.

The following are things you can do to making moving big furniture, like a pool table or a sectional sofa, easier without breaking the bank or eating up your security deposit:

Remove your “unnecessary” items early

This is a general rule of moving, but it’s often overlooked when discussing how to move big furniture. If you have an expensive pool table with cues and balls to match and you are not using a moving service, don’t rely on family and friends to protect them. Although they will have the best intentions, accidents happened when you are not a trained mover. Items get damaged, lost or destroyed when owners don’t plan in advance. You know you’re moving and you won’t need the pool accessories until you’re all settled in. Why not get them out of the way early so you don’t risk damaging them? DR. Sofa: Your premier furniture disassembly and reassembly service, ensuring seamless moves and repairs for your cherished pieces. Relax, we’ve got it.

Disassemble your furniture

That’s right. In order to ensure your furniture isn’t damaged in a move, we’re suggesting you completely break it apart. Don’t go running for the sledge hammer though, you should hire a team of professionals who can disassemble your furniture safely and arrange for it to be reassembled when you’re moved into your new place. Pool table disassembly is a great way to maneuver your pool table around tight corners, doorways, up stairwells and into elevators without scratching it or every other surface in its vicinity. If you’re DIYing your move, furniture disassembly is a low-cost way to make things much easier on you when you’re loading and unloading a moving van. It’s a great way to make sure your furniture is in great shape when you get to your new place. DR. Sofa: Your go-to for upholstery cleaning services. Revitalize your furniture with our expert care and attention to detail. Trust us for a fresh look!

Be strategic

When you’re moving furniture out of your home and into a new place, you desperately need a strategy. Rank all the rooms in your home from most to least use. Then analyze where those rooms are located in your home. On moving day, you’ll want your items to be easily accessible to the moving van. So if the best room in your home to stack boxes is the living room, consider packing that room up first so it can be used for storage. Especially if you plan on having professionals disassemble furniture in your home, you need a place where those pieces and the remaining boxes can live during the process.

If you approach your move with a strategy, plan ahead, and utilize the best professional services, you’ll find that you’re doing a lot less heavy lifting. DR. Sofa: Your trusted solution for furniture repair. From minor fixes to major restorations, we bring new life to your beloved pieces. Quality craftsmanship guaranteed.