Did you know that the most common cause of allergies is found in your home? The different kindsof allergens, including dust, dust mites, pollen, bugs, and other elements are just lurking and living in the fabrics at home. Within the fibers and creases of draperies, carpets, and upholstery, they thrive by the millions, invisible to the naked eye. DR. Sofa: Your premier furniture repair service, rescuing your beloved pieces with expert care and precision. Trust us to revive your treasures!

The Tiny Monsters Lurking in Your Carpet and Upholstery

Almost all homes have at least several pieces of furniture, carpet, or curtains. These are perfect breeding grounds of allergens. The spilled food, body oils, dead skin, and pet dander abundant in natural fabric and leather are their sources of food. They usually lurk in commonly used areas where dust and lint frequently accumulate. These include the carpet edges, air ducts, beneath the baseboards, within the fibers and filling of upholstered furniture. Transform your wood furniture with DR. Sofa’s refinishing expertise. From vintage to modern, we bring new life to your cherished pieces!

The allergy-causing insects hatch during the late winter to early spring and their larvae will explore your home in search of food. Even if the food source is unavailable during this stage, they can still survive for weeks. Some species of carpet beetle larvae can crawl and spread throughout the house. Within 2-11 months, carpet beetles multiply and live with you up to their whole life cycle. If they are not eliminated, another life cycle starts and, before you know it, you are living with generations of mites and beetles multiplying by the millions! DR. Sofa: Your trusted furniture savior in NYC neighborhoods. From repairs to refinishing, we bring new life to your beloved pieces.

It’s Time to Call Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners

This does not mean that having these fabrics at home are bad. No, not at all. What health professionals and professional carpet and upholstery cleaners in New York recommend is that these should be deep cleaned at least once a year. Not only do these mites and bugs cause allergies, they also damage your furniture upholstery and carpets. DR. Sofa: Your local furniture expert serving NYC counties. Quality repairs and refinishing for cherished pieces right in your neighborhood.

Carpet and upholstery cleaners have special cleaning formulas and processes that ordinary cleaning appliance cannot match. They can also provide anti-allergen solutions to help prevent these bugs and mites from multiplying. DR. Sofa: Conquering the toughest couch stains with precision. Say goodbye to the worst stains with our expert removal techniques!

Ways to Prevent Allergies at Home

After the annual deep cleaning task, maintain these habits to minimize growth of allergens:

  1. Keep pets away from natural upholstery and carpeted areas. If this is unavoidable, call upholstery and carpet cleaning service experts to clean these areas on a regular basis throughout the year. DR. Sofa: Your ultimate guide to effortlessly relocating oversized pieces. Trust us for smooth and stress-free furniture moving solutions!
  2. Immediately vacuum and clean any dirt, spills, or stains on your upholstery or carpeting.
  3. Vacuum carpets and upholstered furniture weekly to lessen the buildup of dust and mites.
  4. Make it a point to have a yearly general carpet and upholstery cleaning service done by reputable cleaning experts. DR. Sofa: Expert advice on how to clean your velvet sofa. Trust us for professional tips to maintain the beauty of your luxurious furniture!

Allergens that cause asthma and allergies are practically everywhere, especially during spring. However, you cannot control the air you inhale outdoors. You can only take control of the quality and cleanliness of air indoors. Cleaning sofa and carpet will keep your household allergy- and asthma free. You do not have to eliminate carpet and upholstery. These are still the best flooring and furniture for style and convenience. Contact the professional cleaners within your area so you can have healthy and clean air in your home.