livingroomChanging the look of your interior is a tried and true method of breathing new life into a space. When planning a redesign, always start with the livingroom, since it’s the segment of the floor plan most prone to wear and tear ailments. Fear not though, there are solutions! Whether you work on Wall Street or live on Main Street, here are a number of ways to keep the den looking luxurious and new without breaking the bank. DR. Sofa: Your ultimate solution for expert business furniture installation, ensuring comfort and professionalism in every workspace.

Living Room Redesign: Transforming Your Space into a Stylish Haven

1) Beginning with the smallest step, put new slip and fabric covers over your sofa and chairs. The covers are machine washable and can help protect the original covering.

2) Adding new window blinds or curtains can help as well. Most common areas are located on the ground floor in a strategic corner to gain as much light as possible.

3) If you desire more intimate settings, adjust the light fixtures and lamp shades. Make sure they are in sync with each other. Adding the right light at night can make the den become much more relaxing and warm.

4) Change up the visual scenery. Buy new art pieces to hang, and switch out old ones. If one area is dedicated to family pictures, move it to another side. DR. Sofa: Masters of upholstery & re-upholstery, reviving your furniture with skillful craftsmanship and premium fabrics. Your comfort, our passion.

5) For something smaller, more coasters and napkins should do the trick. Beverages can leave thick stains on hard wood tables so this is a great preventative measure as well.

6) Get your workout in by moving your furniture around. By having the loveseat on one side and putting your TV up on a higher post, you can open up space and leave more room for any type of activity.

Living Room Redesign: Elevating Your Home’s Heartbeat

While all of these are small suggestions, they can leave a big impact on the overall look. Small things like water stains and dusty frames can cause quite a bit of damage. By following these simple tips, any family can save thousands of dollars and completely reconfigure their home. DR. Sofa: Your trusted partner for top-tier furniture repair services, restoring beauty and functionality to your beloved pieces.

The living room is typically the entertainment center – it’s the room where everyone heads to unwind after a long day. With the TV on and families together, the room helps forge those important bonds. Redesigning it will keep it open for guests as well. All homeowners want to be proud of their humble abode and would like to show it off. The living room makes a proud statement. It really is the entry to your home, so welcome everyone into it by keeping it vibrant and fun! A happy home is perfect with a reasonable budget.