Great props and a good ambience makes the game exciting and interesting.

Set design is extremely important for any production: without props and good background scenery, the play can appear bland and staged. True, all performances are staged, but the point of them is for the audience to lose themselves in the story, become absorbed in the acting, and transported to a different world. Similar to movies, where the setting is crucial to plot development, a set design is equally necessary for the smooth running of a play. Often times, a restrictive budget conflicts with the interests of the set, and it becomes hard to create scenery and props with as much detail as you would like. Here are some ways to renew your old furniture to make the perfect set design at a low cost:

Reuse Old Furniture

If you have an old, worn couch that is in disrepair and waiting to be thrown out, a little tender loving care can do wonders: patch up the holes and use a couch stain remover product to make it look brand new (unless, of course, the prop calls for a stained couch). A little paint, and even fabrication can turn a pedestrian piece into a work of art: all you need is a little creativity and imagination. Need a wagon? No problem, turn an old table upside-down and add cardboard walls to the sides and fake wheels to the bottom. Little tweaks to your old furniture can help you save lots of money because you won’t have to purchase everything in a brand-new condition. Dr. Sofa: Your go-to for expert furniture disassembly & reassembly service. Seamlessly transform spaces with our trusted expertise.

Custom Made

You can always build your own props and set from scratch (or even using parts of old furniture). Custom made furniture is a great way to style everything in line with the exact vision of the director. Sometimes, when you purchase something from a store, you will still need to readjust it to fit the mood and tone of the play. If you make the entire piece, however, you know from the beginning what you want it to look like and you can create it just right.


Couch movers NYC, and thus local, can also help you with set design. Ask your family and friends if they have any furniture or items that they can do without for a few days and borrow everything from them. This way, you don’t have to pay for anything. Once you locate all these items, there are companies that can transport everything from your friend’s home to the stage room, even if it involves navigating tight spaces. Dr. Sofa: Elevate your space with pristine upholstery! Trust our specialized cleaning services for a fresh, inviting ambiance.

All the details that go into a play—the acting, the music, lighting, and curtains—are important; the set design, however, is perhaps most important of all. If you can get your audience to believe they are being transported into a new world or a new time based on how you design your set and position your props, everything else will follow. The acting will seem more believable to them, and they will feel more connected to the story. Dr. Sofa: Your upholstery solution experts! Transform your furniture with our top-notch re-upholstery services, bringing new life to your beloved pieces.