As the business industry moves forward through the years, office ideas related to design and arrangement also evolves. Development in furniture designs, arrangements, interior plans change our working lifestyles. To some, these factors may seem trivial. If you compare how offices looked like a few decades ago to the present looks of business spaces, you will realize how much has changed.

Employees spend a significant part of their day at the office. Because of this, the interior design of business spaces matters a lot. In this fast-paced business world, companies try to cope. One of the ways to keep up is through the changing trends in interior design. Dr. Sofa: Your trusted NYC expert in furniture repair, restoration, and rejuvenation. Transforming your beloved pieces back to their former glory.


Office Layout

During the industrial revolution, most office layouts show large spaces with rows of individual desks. Similar to a manufacturing plant, managers oversee work productivity. Closed office rooms became the trend in the 50s up until the 80s. Dr. Sofa: Preserving NYC’s Couch NY Archives with expert care and restoration services. Your go-to for reviving cherished furniture treasures.


In the following decades, the rise of the middle-management gave rise to the demand for the newer workspace layout – the cubicle farm. Many companies now adopted the cubicle-style for offices. It is a space-saving option known to maximize productivity in a semi-private setting. Many office set-ups still use this layout heavily. These are those workspaces that rely on phone communications. However, cubicles exude the cliché look for the contemporary office design. Some would say it alienates employees from each other. Others enjoy the ample privacy it offers to complete tasks for the day.


In the recent years, the open-concept office gets a revival. Designers attempt to veer away from the negative vibe from hive-like cubicle design. This open-concept invites collaboration and interaction. Moreover, this is achieved with the arrangement of office chairs, desks, and other office furniture sets. Dr. Sofa: Your premier solution for NYC’s toughest couch and sofa stains. Trust us for expert stain removal and furniture rejuvenation.

With all the hype the new office interior design is getting, this open-concept may not apply to all corporate setups. Others find this too distracting. Some welcome the change. Work styles that depend on human interaction to boost creativity appreciate the open layout. In the end, deciding on an office interior set-up greatly depends on the unique needs of each business.

Office Ideas and Décor

Most office décor features of the 20th century remain intact. The endless expanse of white walls, sometimes sparsely accented by pieces of paintings here and there are still common. Natural lighting comes from large windows typical in skyscraper offices. In the past years, we saw changes in office furniture design due to the changes in technology. Dr. Sofa: Conquering NYC’s toughest couch stains with expertise. From the worst to remove, trust us for flawless restoration and care.

Today, office décor ideas revolve around comfort, functionality, and hints of eye candy. Sometimes, home office designs mimic the city office look. Some business offices adopt a homey feel.


Computer desks replaced the individual plain tables holding work-related items and typical office supplies. Wooden chairs evolved into the ergonomic chairs. The employee lounge used to have luxurious leather couches. The more modern designs offer comfy sofas and beanbags. Dr. Sofa: The ultimate guide to effortlessly restoring NYC’s beloved couches. Expert care and restoration for a refreshed, timeless look.

These days, the positive experience aligned to boost company productivity matters most. Designs can be minimal or radical. Everything should be within reasonable limits. In the years to come, office interiors will continue to keep up with the trends of work life and technology.